Third Times A Charm!

August 11, 2008 at 4:29 pm (Uncategorized)

This weekend was the third try since we moved in April to get together for a weekend with my mom, sister and niece.  We finally did it!  Here some pictures from our weekend.

This is me with my mom and sister.
See any resemblance?  LOL  Everyone always thinks my mom is our older sister.  If you want to make my mom’s day leave a comment about how young she looks!  LOL  My sister got my dad’s shape and size and my mom’s looks.  I got my mom’s shape and size and my dad’s look.  My mom and sister look so much alike that my 4 year old was calling them "Grandma" and "Other Grandma"!  LOL (He hasn’t spent too much time with my sister since we lived SO far away all his life.)

Here are my kids with grandma

This is my sister sporting her new beaded jewlery she made while she was here!  I LOVE those earrrings and may have to make me a pair!
My sister and I love each other to death, but we are total opposites.  She was always into sports and tomboy things as a child and I was a girly girl.  She has never taken much to crafts and sewing and well, you all know me!  LOL  We were going to teach my neice how to bead and my sister took too it like a pro!  We decided it is because there are tools involved and the girl has always been more comfortable with pliers than a sewing needle!  :^)

While they were here we had an early 14th birthday celebration for my oldest son. (He will be 14 in 18 days, but who’s counting??? LOL)
Is that the cutest cake ever??? The dog had to be in the pictures since he was the inspiration for the cake!  LOL

Here are the littles with their big brother.

Here he is opeing his gifts from grandma and his aunt and cousin.
He got the Nim’s Island movie and the book!  I wonder who’s idea that was?  LOL  We will let you all know how we like the book. (I am dying to read it!)

I just had to post this one because my oldest looks so grownup, handsome and happy in the picture
He is such a good boy!  I don’t know why everyone complains about the teen years?  LOL  (I know he could still lose his mind to hormones any day, but so far so good!)

Here is a shot of the whole gang (minus my husband who took the pictures.)
Look, my oldest is as tall as grandma!  My mom was taller than my dad so I always think of her as TALL!  Now I have a son as tall as my mom!  YIKES!

It was a whirlwind the whole time they were here, and we are all a little tired and cranky today.  But, lot of fun was had while they were here!



  1. kaenhu said,

    Your beads are beautiful and your family is beautiful! I am so glad you were able to get together with them. I need to call you to catch up with you!!!

  2. Elinor said,

    Hey Mom, you DO look great!!!! = ) You do look like one of the sisters!!

    I love all these photos. Family means so much and I can see how happy you all are to be with each other.

    Happy birthday to your son. My son is 13, so they're close in age. Love the cake!!

    Have a great day,

  3. farawaytree said,

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe he's going to be 14!!! Seems like just yesterday he was 6! Happy birthday kiddo!!! 🙂


  4. Marla...your fan forever! said,

    Ha ha ha! I'm glad you had the photo entitled, "Grandma and the kids" or I wouldn't have known who grandma WAS! As I read this, you kept saying things I was THINKING! Ha ha ha!

    Your mom and sister are very beautiful and youthful but the main thing on my mind as I read this was, "So THIS is the woman who raised my amazing and brilliant friend! I wish I had her recipe!" Love you and miss you!

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