Great News for Back to School – Sept. 2, 2008

September 2, 2008 at 11:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Today is our first day back to school for the new school year.  I got some great news about the new school year this weekend when I bought my new 2009 calendar!

2009 has TWO APRILS!!!!
I can’t think of anything I could want more as a homeschooling mom!  LOL

The kids are thrilled because this means we get to have 2 April Fools Days.  (Which is basically their favorite holiday!)  Who knew you could buy 30 whole extra days in a year for just $2.00!


Of course my husband had to be the killjoy and point out that with 2 Aprils there will also be 2 April 15ths!  LOL

Just thought I would start the new school year off with a little humor.  I am humbled to realize that my oldest is a Freshman this year! WOW!  It seems like only yesterday we were doing preschool sprawled out on he living room floor.  What a blessing to have traveled this homeschooling road with him!

I know this year there will be times I feel stretched a little thin.

This year I have:

One is High School
One in Grade School
One in Preschool

What a blessed Mama I am! God is good!  And I am sure grateful for that extra April! LOL

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    I, for one, would NOT like an extra 30 days of April! I have a hard enough time being graceful in the original 30! I get very tired VERY fast of all the jokes made about my name. The same jokes I've heard since I was 5…oy.

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂


  2. Anonymous said,

    LOL! Yea, two Aprils. That means I get two bdays. Oh wait. Maybe that's not such a good thing. 😉 Have a great first week of school, and thanks for making me laugh this morning. Julie

  3. linny said,

    I would get to have my birthday twice!! Yay! But two tax day's would not be fun!

  4. Anonymous said,

    This year we have:
    1 preschooler
    3 in elementary school
    1 in middle school
    1 in high school

    My brain is FRIED!!

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