American Girl Lapbook- Felicity

September 4, 2008 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)

Here is my daughters completed lapbook on Felicity!  This is the one we started last school year and then took a break from when we moved across country.  Somehow we never got back to it until now.

I am not going to put what we wrote in every booklet, but I will type up a few to give the general idea.  My daughter is 7 and can do part of the writing.  In the booklets that are more detailed she dictates the information to me and I write it in for her.

We got the picture of Felicity off the American Girl website.

First flap
There is a map inside of the USA,  We marked what is Virginia now in one color and what was Virginia in 1774 in another.

I got these great folders at Target.  My daughter is THRILLED to have PINK folders! The best part about these is the inside.  Look how pretty they are. 

Inside folder one:
Who is Felicity?: Felicity is a girl from Colonial Days.  She was a spunky, spirited girl growing up in Williamsburg VA right before the American Revolution.  She loves horses, lambs, dolls and her friend Elizabeth.

Felicity’s World: Felicity lived in the 1770’s.  This was before there was an United States of America.  Felicity lived in Williamsburg, VA a colony of England.  Felicity lived during the time of the Revolutionary War.  This was the war that made us The United States of America.

Inside folder two:
Fun Fact: Felicity’s dolls name was – Susannah Maria Augusta Eliza Lucy Louise

Best Friends: Felicity’s Best Friend is Elizabeth.  They like to play in the garden with their dolls and Felicity’s lamb Posie.  Felicity is very brave, but Elizabeth is not.  Felicity is a Patriot and Elizabeth is a Loyalist. They love each other even though they have differences.

Inside folder 3:
House: Felicity’s house was made of wood and bricks.  She slept in a chamber by herself.  They did not have a bathroom.  They had a "necessary" which was an outhouse.  For lights they would have used candles. Water would have been carried into the house from a well.  To get hot water they would heat it on the stove.  Felicity’s family had a cook named Rose.  This means they were more wealthy than most and were probably considered the middling class.

Compare and Contrast: (Felicity & Me!)

We both like horses
We look similar
We both have siblings
We both like to spend time with friends
We both love our families

Felicity wears fancy dresses.  I wear pants, shorts, skirts and shirts.
Felicity lived long ago.  I live now.
Felicity learned how to serve tea at a special class.  I love tea parties!
Felicity owned horses and a lamb.  I have a dog and 2 cats.

Peek into the past according fold booklet:
Each of the books in the series have a Peek into the Past section in the back with information about the time period.  We picked a few things from the first book to go in our booklet.

Back of lapbook:
We ran out of space inside.  So we put these 2 mini books on the back of the folder.

Mother: Felicity’s mother takes care of the house and the family.  She also teaches Felicity how to run a household someday.

Father: Felicity’s father runs one of the finest stores in Williamsburg.  He is a Patriot.  he believes the colonies should be independent from the king.

You can find all the free printables to make a lapbook for ANY of the American Girls at the following link!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Brooke @ said,

    Cute book! I love the American Girls books! But I have all boys so I have no one to share them with. I have readand enjoyed your blog for a while now…ever since I found the "mummified Barbies"! Just thought I would stop and say hello!

  2. HopeRumpca said,

    Bravo! A well made and informational lapbook. I have a 7 year old sweet girl who *loves* Felicity as well. You have inspired me! I can see that you both worked hard on this lapbook, it shows! Love the pink file folders, off to Target to see what other colors they have. My girl loves pink and purple!

    Eagle Point, OR

  3. Anonymous said,

    Thanks! I have been praying about homeschooling my son, and am leaning towards it more and more and more. It will come down to whether or not the Lord leads my hubby the same way.
    You have been a fun source of encouragement for me, and I love reading your blog! God bless you and your family!

  4. Anonymous said,

    I have seen the children with and working on these very cool books, but I had somehow missed the name. My nine year old and I started the search for lapbook info at 7am this morning. That was to early for a Saturday, especially after waiting for Tropical Storm Hanna to pass last night. I think is great and plan to stop back by for a visit. Thanks

  5. Anonymous said,

    Dear Jamin,
    Thanks for the lap book lesson. I think we will jump in tomorrow! It is like scrapbooking for homeschool!!!!
    Also, I love the resource, It is great and I already pointed it out to a friend.
    Thank you!
    Venus in MA

  6. 4in4years said,

    I very much enjoyed going through your blog today. I love all the projects, and links. The file folders are factastic, can't wait to get some for my 3 1/2 and 2 yr. old. Thanks for all your freebies, and passion for homeschooling.

  7. said,

    My daughter is a huge American Girl fan and I never thought to use them in lessons. She mostly reads them for book reports but you have given me a whole to way to look at them. Thanks so much!

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