New Wheels!

September 6, 2008 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized)

I got a new (to me) mini van!  Of course there is a story behind it!  LOL 

On July 7th I was making a left hand turn on a green arrow and a guy ran a red light, hit me broad side and totaled my van.  (Pushing me over a median, into another car, into a pole and I ended up in oncoming traffic on the street I was turning onto!) My poor van was trashed! Thankfully no one was hurt. (I was extremely sore and in a fog for about 10 days.  The 2 littles were with me and they were fine. PRAISE THE LORD!  I didn’t blog about it until now because I was advised not to until the insurance was settled.)

Anyway, I have been without transportation for 2 months! Sigh…. I am NOT a homebody.  This has been hard summer for me!   But, with having just moved 8 weeks before the accident and now having 2 houses, we just have been in no position to finance a car.  So we waited.

Waiting in regards to finance is something I have learned a lot about since we started homeschooling.  To me our homeschooling adventure began in 1994 then my first child was born.  When we made the decision for me to stay home and be a full time Mom we knew it would be tough financially.  And it has been.  However, we have also seen God provide over and over and over in ways we never would have thought of! There have been times when we have said to ourselves "Well, I know we can’t make it through this one.  Isn’t it going to be fun to see how God comes through for us!"  And He always has! (My husband amazed me awhile back when he mentioned that if I had continued to work at the job at ABC-TV that I resigned from when our first son was born, and never gotten and increase, in those 14 years I would have made just over a half a million dollars!  YIKES!  But, I can honestly say being home with my kids is worth a million!)

This story is no less miraculous! The car that got totaled we still had a loan on.  We had one year left to pay and the car probably had 10 more years of life in it!  But, once the insurance money paid off we had very little left.  Not enough we thought to buy another van.  I really wanted another Nissan Quest.  I LOVED my car and I don’t like change!  It drove great and was just perfect for us. I was especially impressed with how well the kids and I were protected during the crash.  The outside of the car was trashed.  But, inside where we were held up and kept us safe!  Some friends of ours have a Nissan Quest and they have been looking for a new car.  So we thought we would buy their car when they got a new one.  But, for one reason or another that hasn’t happened. 

This morning I got up and decided to look on I don’t know what possessed me to do it today. (Well, I do know! It was GOD!) I had not looked in the paper or online once in the 61 days I have been without a van!  I typed in our zip code and the amount we had left over from the insurance and up popped one van…A NISSAN QUEST!  We called, went to take a look at it, drove it, paid them for it and drove it home!  YAY!!!!!! 

It is older than the one I had and has LOTS more miles.  But, it’s paid for!  The guy we bought it from was the original owner and he upkept it perfectly.  He had seat covers on everything and plastic on the floor until he put it up for sale!  The upholstery, carpet and body are in excellent shape!

So I am doing the happy dance about my new (to me) van!  No, it is not the fanciest, most impressive one around.  But, it is the one God provided, and I am VERY thankful to have back my wheels and my independence!

One funny story…After the accident we waited for what seemed like forever to deal with the police, the paperwork and dad coming to get us.  My 2 littles sat in the HOT car (Which was the safest place for them.) and never complained.  That night when I was tucking them into bed I took a couple minutes to tell both of them how proud I was of how good they were and how brave they were.  After I praised my 4 year old he looked up at me with his big innocent eyes and said "Mommy, I might have been brave on the outside.  But inside, I was screaming like a pretty pink princess!"  LOL  That boy can make me laugh in even the worst of circumstances!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    I am glad you are all fine. God not only protected you, He provided. What a great testimony!! And your 4 yr old is so funny. What a cutie:)

  2. Dana @ School For Us said,

    I love how you get in an "impossible" situation and wonder how God will provide. And, thank you for sharing this testimony of how he provided once again. Praise God!

    And, I love your 4yo's comment. πŸ™‚

  3. Lynn P said,

    God is awesome! We should always put our faith and trust in Him and he provides. I teared at what your son said that night.. It was very touching.. What a blessing that you were able to walk away untouched.. Thank you for sharing your story… many blessings <><

  4. Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said,

    So thrilled for your new wheels…who needs fancy when we're home school moms. Just came across your blog, but am excited to break away to the home school blogger group. I have been in a circle of non-home schoolers and will love looking at your "friends" list on your side bar.

  5. eclecticeducation said,

    Wow! PTL! that you and your family were ok. We just had a sermon today on God's timing and being patient in the Lord. Your story REALLY illustrates the sermon. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. adamsgirl said,

    Hey girl! I have to tell you, this is the first time I've ever responded to one of your posts and I've been reading your stuff for a good while now. Your son is hilarious! I'm still LOL. :o) You are always such a blessing to me, thank you for sharing your experiences! Have a fantastic week.

  7. Prncsstefy said,

    Woo-hoo! It's beautiful!!!

    We recently got a new van ourselves. A Honda Odyssey. I love it!

    Happy driving!

  8. redmom said,

    On the new van. That's what my partner Jennie has and we looked at them when we got ours. πŸ™‚

  9. Anonymous said,

    YIkes! Good news, though! Glad everyone is okay.


  10. Anonymous said,

    Thank God you are all ok! You make some excellent points in this post. We too have seen God provide for us in ways we never imagined. Six years ago, after our van was totalled (our son was driving—it was not his fault and he was unhurt), God put a car we could afford practically in our front yard…a 1989 Cadillac! We had that car for three years and just loved it. It only cost us $750!

    Since my husband's mfg. business died (thanks a lot, China!), we've seen God's provision in so many ways. It's occurred to us more than once that if we had a huge income, we'd never experience the thrill of watching God provide in such unique ways.


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