Friendship Bracelets

September 16, 2008 at 9:11 am (Uncategorized)

In my never ending quest to keep my high energy daughter busy we I have come up with a new, time consuming hobby for her.  Making friendship bracelets! 

Start off with 6 strands of embroidery floss 24 inches long.  Knot them all together near one end. (Leave enough to tie around the wrist when your done.) We used 2 colors for this one.  You could do them all the same of all different.  It all just depends on the pattern you want in the end. Safety pin the knot to a pillow or you pant leg.  You want it attached to something so it will hold tight while you make the knots.

With 3 strands on each side loop one side (3 strands) over the other like below.

Then you will take the straight side up and under and tighten the knot.

Then you just keep repeating, always starting from the same side.
Notice now how the green is on the right side.  In the first step the pink was on the right.

Repeat until it gets long enough to tie around your arm.  Then tie a knot in the other end and tie it around the wrist.
Voila!  Another project to keep my extememly high maintenace child happy!  LOL

There are a lot of other ways to do this that are more complicated.  But, for my seven year old this is perfect and challenging enough to keep her occupied.

Happy Homeschooling,



1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jamin,
    Love your blog.
    Another idea to hold still the friendship-bracelets-in-progress is to use a clip board. I read that some place and thought it was really neat. When I was in jr. high, we used to pin them to our pant leg too, or tape them to the desk. Talk about unmotivated students; that was DURING class. I am suitably ashamed. :0)
    ~VW in MA

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