Davey And Goliath – Safety

September 18, 2008 at 9:54 am (Uncategorized)

My kids really love the old Davey and Goliath cartoons.  I enjoy them for the most part too and of course have fun watching something with my kids from my childhood. However, every so often something comes up that I just have to caution my kids about!  This happened the other day when my daughter and I were watching an episode where Davey gets lost at the fair.  Honestly I was on the computer and only partially watching.  It caught my attention when I heard am man saying something like. "I’ll lift you up on my shoulders so you can see over the crowd and look for your parents."  My mommy warning sensors started buzzing loudly!!!  I started paying more attention to the show.  The man proceeds to put Davey on his shoulders and walk around the fairgrounds helping him look for his parents.  I kept expecting him to bolt for the parking lot and abduct poor Davey any minute!  I knew I couldn’t keep quiet!

So I spoke up and said "You know honey, things have changed a bit since Davey was little."  Before I could say anything else she replied.  "I know mom, never ask a man for help if you are lost.  The best thing to do is ask another mom.  Never ask a man for help unless it’s a policeman.  A woman with children is most likely to help you and least likely to hurt you."  WOW, she has been listening! 

Part of the reason I was surprised she threw in the bit about asking a mom is that is new to my safety speech I tend to give every time we are heading out on a homeschool field trip.  I had never heard or thought about a mom being a safer choice until I read it on the Safety Tat website a few months ago.  Here is the link to their info page that gives you ideas of how to keep you kids safe. http://safetytat.com/safety_tips/ It mentions that while telling them to go to a policeman is not a bad idea, it is hard for a child in a crowd to see the patched and badges that identify a policeman, because they are all above the waist.  Many times a child gets lost because he is in the middle of a sea of legs and happens to follow the wrong ones!  If they are already lost in a sea of legs what are the chances that they can identify or will happen upon a policeman?  Mom’s the other had are everywhere!  Statistically a women is less likely to abduct a child.  A women out with her own children is even less likely to harm or abduct a child.  Interesting.

I wish it was possible to raise my kids in the safe world that Davey and I grew up in.  But, sadly those days are gone.  So I guess all we can do is try to keep our kids safe without scaring the daylights out them in the process.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    Your daughter has it right on! There is more that you may want to know, like why to teach your kids NOT to go to police or security guards (the uniforms are easy to fake and security guard jobs have brought us some really bad guys…) Anyway the book above is really the best kids safety book I have ever seen or heard of. The author does risk assessments for dignitaries and gov't officials,etc. He also has written a women's safety book that shouldn't be missed.
    VW in ma

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