HWTB – Freebie Finder – Sept 26 – Teaching Kids about Hurricanes

September 26, 2008 at 10:03 am (Uncategorized)

My kids cousins just went through hurricane Ike in Houston, so we have a high level of interest in hurricanes at our house right now.  So I went out looking for free resources to teach my kids about hurricanes.  I hope your kids enjoy these freebies too!

The Hurricane Song is a fun little video and song that explains how hurricanes form.  This jazzy little tune will have your kids tapping their toes while they learn!

Hurricanes – A Unit Study for Kids is a great collection of resources to teach your kids about hurricanes.  Includes news, information, readiness, images, stories, tracking and MUCH more!

Hurricanes by Rick and Michelle Eichhorn is an awesome free E-Book!  This E-Book includes vocabulary and spelling words, reading resources, discussion questions, bibles verses and readings, and SO much more! Thanks so much to the Eichhorn’s for offering this E-Book free to TOS readers!

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