Making Butter

October 9, 2008 at 10:10 am (Uncategorized)

It had never occurred to me to make butter with my kids!  Tuesday night at our first American Girl Club the mom that hosted us in her home made homemade butter to go on the blueberry muffins and pumpkin bread she made for the girls.  My daughter went nuts over it!  So when we got ready to leave this sweet homeschool mom gave my daughter a jar half full of cream with a pinch of salt.  She told her to shake it all the way home in the car.  (About 15 – 20 minutes.) and then when we got home to put the whole thing in the refrigerator.  Well guess what?  This morning we had delicious homemade butter for our toast! (All we had to do is drain the buttermilk off!)


My daughter is sure that we no longer need to buy pre-made butter!  LOL  I am still amazed that I never knew how easy it is to make butter! (All I knew was that my Mom has an old butter churning crock from her parents farm. I always knew it was missing the wooden paddle used to churn the butter.  So I just thought it was some super complicated process!  LOL)  I am sure glad another homeschool mom took the time to teach me something new!

Here some online directions I found if you want more details on how to do this. (Although we did not add vanilla like these directions mention.)

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Dana said,

    What a neat party favor! My son and I made our own butter recently too and I was amazed at how easy it was.


  2. heather said,

    We buy fresh raw milk (4 gallongs every week) and make butter every week. I am lazy so I put the cream in a blender for a few minutes and it will eventually seperate and you drain off the buttermilk and add salt to your butter chunks squeeze out excess moisture in chunks and voila the lazy way to make butter!

  3. kaenhu said,

    I was pretty amazed by how easy it was. If you have a food processor with a dough blade, you can make it with that too, and make big quantities. Then your dd will be right–you'll never need to buy premade butter again!

  4. briarwren said,

    It is easy. The first time I ever made homemade butter was in girl scouts oh, about 20 years ago now. It was lots of fun. Now, I don't know what kind of resources there are available for American girl besides the dolls and the main books but it seems to me that two books that would really fit in with at least one period of history are My Little House Crafts Book and The Little House Cookbook. I have both and they're both fun. I thought of them because one of the items in the cookbook is butter.

  5. Anonymous said,

    I made this with my girls when they were little. Oh, so easy. We were studying Laura Ingalls books when we made it. AMG wasn't that big at the time.

  6. Anonymous said,

    I haven't tried making our own butter, although I have some kids that would be GREAT shakers, but I have heard that you can add a touch of honey to it to make Honey-Butter that's great on muffins and bread and toast.


  7. heartofwisdom said,

    We haven't made butter in a loooog time. We make pumpkin bread every fall–it might be a neat tradition to add butter making too. How about pumpkin butter?

    We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend.

    I posted several free audiobooks for homeschoolers would like at

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