What Homeschoolers Do for Recess! LOL

October 30, 2008 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, we don’t take traditional recess.  Usually when we are doing school we are set to get it done and then get on with whatever is next on the schedule. (park, errands, co-op classes, housework, etc.)  But, it does seem that frequently we all need a short break from the books to have silly time!  Many times at our house this is accomplished by the 2 little ones pestering their big brother until he agrees to chase them through the house acting like a monster!  LOL  (It doesn’t take much coaxing!)  They all eventually end up in a loud wiggly pile tickling each other and laughing until mom sends them back to get their school work done. (Thankfully I have a high tolerance for happy noise!)

But, this week my 4 year old had a different idea for "silly break".  He wanted to be a mummy!  Here he is in all his glory after he convinced his big brother and sister to wrap him in an entire roll of toilet paper! 

I kept telling them NOT to cover his nose!  LOL
Obviously they did not listen!

No preschoolers were harmed in the making of this mummy!  LOL
Can you tell he is happy?

It may not be what I remember as recess from my childhood!  But, I am glad that my kiddos, who are 10 years apart from start to finish, are educated together!  These are the moments they will forever remember.  That is worth WAY more than the price of a roll of T.P.!  LOL

This will be a special memory for a boy who loves his mummy! :^)

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. TomySky said,

    Fun stuff!


  2. Anonymous said,

    I found your blog through Our Sunny Side blog.

    Your children are adorable! Thanks you for the time and effort you have put into this site, it has given me many wonderful ideas! It is so nice to see yet again another family that has chosen the happy road of homeschooling:)

    Aly @ http://www.k12homeschoolfamily.blogspot.com

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