Our Groovy Schoolroom

November 3, 2008 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)

I promised awhile back that I would post pictures of our new 60’s inspired schoolroom.  I finally got around to taking pictures, so here it is!

This is the sitting area.
How do you like those curtains!  LOL

Okay, brace yourself……

Are you ready????

Here is our new school table and wall of orange curtains!  LOL
What, doesn’t your schoolroom have a wall of orange curtains??? LOL

Here is the deal.  This is actually the living room of our house.  If you come in the front door and look to the left you see this wall of orange. 

Behind the wall of orange is this:
Yep, it’s pretty messy!  The cupboard in the middle is craft storage.  The shelves are "organized" to have a shelf for science, language arts, math, history, preschool, music, etc.  It’s really great because I can find things easily.  But, it looks really messy. When I went buy curtains to cover it I was in NO WAY prepared to find out how expensive they would be!  Even to sew them was going to cost a fortune in fabric.  Then I found these lovely orange sheers for $4.00 a panel! (I needed 18 panels!) We had not bought the table, curtains or lamp yet.  So, I decided why not have a wall of orange??? Our house was built in 1965. (The same year God made me!)  When I was little we had a fake leather couch this exact color!  (I LOVED that couch!)  So I since it reminded me of that 60’s couch and we have a 60’s house I started calling it our "60’s schoolroom."  When I found the groovy curtains it was love at first sight!  (Or is that out-of-sight??)  These were the chairs I had planned on all along.  They came in several colors, when I realized they came in my "groovy" orange it all seemed like destiny!  The aqua table tied in with the darker colors of the window curtains.  The funky lamp we happened to find on clearance for $10.00 at Home Depot!

In case you are wondering we have books too!
Lots and lots of books!  (We still have more to unpack, this is only half of the bookcases in the room!) That is the school computer on the desk in front of the bookcases.  When you sit at the computer you are facing the couch I showed earlier.

In case anyone wonders where those unpacked boxes of books are…

The pictures above were creatively taken around the elephant in the middle of the room!  LOL
Yes, I still have some work to do!

But, it’s looking pretty good compared to the last time I posted pictures of this room!
Yikes!  I am glad to be past that point!!!!!

Here is one last shot…
The crates under the chairs are the books that my 2 littles are using in school currently.  When we do school we can just grab their crates out from under their chairs.  Then when we are done for the day the crates store nicely back underneath. The window curtains need to be raised.  I had some temporary curtains hanging that were shorter, now we need to raise the rods.  It feels like the projects NEVER end! (We have been in this house 6 months now! I can’t believe we still are not completely unpacked! I really don’t like moving!) But, it is NICE to have a functional schoolroom again.  And, yes I realize this room is not for everyone!  But, it makes me feel happy when I am in there and the kids LOVE it.  So for us it is a great schoolroom!

Here is my post about our schoolroom in the last house.

I get more into how I have things organized in our schoolroom in that post.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. bitsandpieces said,

    It looks wonderful, I love it!!!
    🙂 Carisa

  2. Christinethecurious said,

    I guess the design book are right after all, a unified repetition of color does make for peacefulness, even if that color is orange! Looks like an energizing and soothing room at the same time, cool!

  3. kaenhu said,

    We have those same orange IKEA chairs!!! Well, I have one in our hs room, and dh has a white one in his study. Great minds think alike. I need to get you to our house to help me redecorate. You have such great ideas.

  4. momofsix said,

    It looks like you can now have a lot of fun in there. I think the orange curtains give it that spicy fun look. Great choice for color.

  5. elastigirl said,

    Actually orange is a very good color for a school room. It is supposed to stimulate your senses and make you more alert and receptive to information. I like it!

  6. WendyJanelle said,

    A friend sent me your link. This room is awesome!! I love the curtains, the retro chairs, and the cheerfulness of it all.
    Wish I had that many bookcases! 🙂
    I need to do a virtual tour of our schoolroom soon.


  7. Andreamom2boys said,

    I love your room! I also like having a schoolroom but have been wanting to do something a little different lately and you have inspired me. Our schoolroom is like an extension of the living room in that it is an open concept and you see it from the living room. My husband recently suprised me with a very nice new chair but I had no idea where to put it in our house. After seeing your pics, I have decided to move our futon into the schoolroom and the desk out(we never use it). That will make room for the chair. I think your room looks great and I especially love the lamp:) Thanks for posting this!

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