Fall Photo Placemats

November 13, 2008 at 8:02 am (Uncategorized)

Here is the final project from Leaf Day I told you I would post about.  This turned into more of a Mom project, but that is okay.  The kids would have enjoyed doing it.  But, since it was basically scrapbooking on a placemat I had fun doing it "my way" late at night after they were sleeping.

Here are the littles at the table with the new placemats in place.
Oh, and before anyone asks…YES, the centerpiece is leaves and hedgeapples!  LOL  The kids picked them up at the park on Leaf Day and we all think they are lovely!

This is my placemat.
I have 3 main pictures with all 3 kids in each one.  All of the pictures on these placemats are either from our trip to the pumpkin patch or from Leaf Day.  I challenged myself to use only things I already had on hand to make these.  So I used the pictures, 4 different punches (big square, small square, tag shape and tiny leaf shape) and some fall letters to spell out each of our names.

This is dad’s placemat.
He has one picture of each kid at the pumpkin patch and misc leaf pictures.

This is my daughters.  (I covered the kids names with leaves for these pictures.)
I used the extra pieces of photo that were left after I punched out the big squares to make little frames.  Then on each kids placemat I used the little frames to draw attention to them in the picture.

This one belongs to my little man.

This is my oldest sons.

I had these laminated at the teacher supply store. ($1.25) You could also just cover them with clear contact paper. For the paper background I cut these from a roll of brown postal wrapping paper, then I crinkled it to give it texture.  After crinkling it I ironed it to flatten it enough to glue the pics on.  To get the shape I wanted I found a placemat the size I liked in my cupboard and traced around it to cut the shape for the placemats.

I have lots of other ideas of fun ones of these to make!  I thought it would be fun to make one for each family member that has pictures from when we were all babies and then we could bring those out on birthdays.  We could also make these for Christmas, Easter etc.  Or how about making them with pictures of friends and relatives that live far away so the kids can see them every day! (These would have been great to make before we moved last time with pictures of our friends in Las Vegas!) 

Yep, I suspect we will be making more of these in the future!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    OH!!!! (picture huge font here!)
    I love this idea! It so puts my placemat idea to shame and has inspired me to do something similar! Thank you!

  2. Momrod said,

    I LOVE that idea. What a feeling of "home" it creates around the dinner table. I gotta make some of those. Thanks for sharing, as always.


  3. eyecorn said,

    Oh, my, those are adorable. You are so creative!!

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