American Girl Club Week 5 – Samantha

November 17, 2008 at 8:07 am (Uncategorized)

Here is what we did for week 5 of American Girl Club!

  1. Each girl came to club having read the first 3 chapters of book 3.  We went over our discussion questions.  Talked about how Victorian Christmas were alike and not alike our Christmas today.
  2. Made 2 Gingerbread houses! ( In the story this week Samantha is getting ready for Christmas and one of the things she wanted to do was make a gingerbread house.)
  3. Read about Turkish Corners in victorian time and made a Turkish throw pillow.
  4. Snack – Ice Cream Snowballs.

The Gingerbread houses were a BIG hit with the girls!

We worked on making 2 of them.

My daughter loved it!

Sadly one of them collapsed!

So all the girls finished this one together.
I think you can tell they all enjoyed it quite a bit!  LOL (We had a small group this week.  6 girls were not there this week.)

Here is the Turkish throw pillow they made.
I pre-sewed 3 sides on my serger to make it easier for them.  So they got to stuff them, sew them shut, make the tassels and sew them on. This is a 3" x 3" pillow.

Here is my daughter ready to have her yummy Ice Cream Snowball!

It was a fun night! I find it very enjoyable to get to take one night a week to slow down and spend time fellowshipping with like minded mom’s and their daughters.  The girls are all becoming great friends and the mom’s all get along great too!  This has been a real blessing for my daughter and myself.  If you are thinking about starting an American Girl Club I highly recommend it!

Here is the first post I did about our American Girl Club
Here is the my post about weeks 1 & 2
Here is my post about week 3
Here is my post about week 4

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Momrod said,

    Right now I am so wishing we lived just a wee bit farther in your direction, and that my daughter was just a wee bit younger…to join your club. *sniff* It looks fabulous!


  2. mom24seas said,

    My daughter and I started an AGC last week and had 5 girls. We had walnut and cucumber finger sandwiches, gingerbread cookies, lemonade, and hot apple cider for tea.
    Our crafts were calling cards and boxes, tele-cans, and paper fans.
    We played tiddlywinks and every one took home a homemade game set too.
    Some girls brought their new dolls and doll clothes. I made Cayleigh's dolls a red Samantha style dress and coat,hat, and muff. I also made the Josephina and Felicity skirts(they are very easy to do) and I did a few shift/shirts.
    I found the cutest tea set at the Dollar General Store. I also found mini sets for a dollar each and everyone got to take home a set. They are the perfect size for the dolls.
    Thank you for posting your meeting plan. It has been a good outline idea for many of us I think.
    This week we are doing sachets and sketchbooks.
    I am going to give everyone a box of crayola's.
    We will be having coca-cola too.
    This has been fun for the mom's as much as the girls.

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