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November 19, 2008 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

I have been doing a good job posting about the American Girl Club I am teaching.  But, I have barely posted about the ABC Preschool Class I am teaching for my youngest.  We are moving right along though!  This week we will be doing the letter "G"!

So let me tell you a little bit about what we are doing. Each week I have 2 crafts as well as something that starts with the letter of the week to glue on that letter. 

For E we did.

Elastic – glued on the letter
Craft #1 – Elephant Toilet paper tube
Craft #2 – Decorated a fun foam egg

E is elastic



For F we did:

Feathers – glued on the letter
Craft #1 – Fish on a pole (Painted with bubble wrap to get that fishy look!)
Craft #2 – F is for Flag.

F is for Flag

F is for feather

Bubble wrap painted fish.  (We painted on the bubble wrap and then laid the fish on the bubble wrap to stamp it onto the fish.)

For G we will:

Glitter Glue – to glue on letter G
Craft #1 – Giraffe Paper Bag Puppet
Craft #2 – Fun Foam Gingerbread Men!

After craft time we have show and tell.  This is a FAVORITE time for the kids!  Each child brings something to show the class that starts with the letter of the week.  After everyone shows their letter we go though each item  and sing the "C is for Cookie" song changing it to the letter and item each child brought. (My 4year old LOVES this part.  He thinks all week about what he wants to take.  For the letter F he made this Fish Face Mask.  It was so cute!)

After show and tell I try to bring something science related.  For E we had a model of the Ear, for F we had models of how a tadpole becomes a frog.  We have also looked at a model of the brain, models of how caterpillars change to butterflies and for the letter E I brought real cotton that was still attached to the stem.  I don’t have an items for each letter, but I have collected quite a few over the years.  Again, preschoolers love the hands of learning.

Then we have stories and felt board stories.  They LOVE the felt board stories! For the letter E didn’t have a felt board story so we read I Can Read with My Eyes Shut and Green Eggs and Ham.  For F I have 2 great felt board stories, The Old Lady Who Swallowed The Fly and The Wide Mouth Frog. For F I also have these awesome face felt pieces.  I put these out for free play time after they finished craft.  They were a big hit! For G I have the Gingerbread Man Felt board story. 

Face Felt Board

After story time we have snack.  The parents sign up to bring a snack to share.  Whatever they bring coordinates with the letter of the week.  We have had apples, bananas, cookies, donuts, fish crackers.  (For E we had some snack bars and we called it E is for EAT!  LOL)

After snack I do some large muscle activites with them.  I try to tie it into the letter if I can.  For A we did ABC Stomp.  For B we played games with bean bags and Phonics Ball.  C was Jack Be Nimble and the kids jumped over a candle stick!  (We replace Jack’s name with each kids name and go around the circle letting each kid have a chance to jump over the candle. Very fun!) We also did a counting game for C where I wrote the numbers one through 10 on pieces of fun foam that are 4"X6".  Then I put them in order on the floor and we went down the line and each child took turn stepping on the number I called out.  For E we put plastic easter eggs in the parachute and had fun tossing them in the air.  A parachute is a great investment when you homeschool!  For F we played "Fly or Fling", a game I completely made up!  I gave each child a bean bag and then put a basket in the middle of the room.  They each took turns either flying of flinging their bean bag into the basket.  It was FUN! For G we are going to play Red Light Green Light! 

That’s it!  We meet for 2 hours and are usually done with the activities in an hour and a half.  Then everyone helps clean up since we are using a room at the library and have to be out in exactly 2 hours.

It has been really good for my 4 year old.  The first few weeks he had no idea that he needed to wait his turn and listen.  He thought that since mom was teaching he should be upfront and in charge!  LOL  But, the last several weeks he has been doing great!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    Jamin, I just wanted to say I love your blog and have been wanting to start my own on homeschoolblogger. I'm just not sure how it would go. I mainly want to do it to keep up with your blog, lol. Anyway just wanted to comment since I have been just 'sneaking' around for about a month 🙂 Good job on everything!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Love the ideas! Keep 'em coming!
    A.L. Travis

  3. thislittlelightofmine said,

    What a great idea and what great activities! You never cease to amaze me! Anyways, I was wondering how often you do this preschool class and the American girl club and how you fit it all in? Do any of the other mothers help you with anything besides snack or do they just drop off the kids? Do you have to pay the library and do you charge a fee for all the supplies you furnish? Sorry for all the questions, but I really like this idea and considered doing something similar. Thanks for any help!


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