American Girl Glub – Samantha – Week 9

January 7, 2009 at 9:15 am (Uncategorized)

Whew, we had a very loooong break from American Girl Club over the holidays!  It is good to be back together with the girls! 

Here is what we did for week 9 for Samantha.

Week 9 :

  1. The girls came having read the 1st 3 chapters of book 6 and we started the night with 3 discussion questions for each chapter. 
  2. We read about the orphan trains in the Welcome to Samantha’s World Book.
  3. For craft the girls made silhouettes and valentines
  4. Snack  – Gingerbread

Here is one of the valentines we made.  The first chapter we read this week Samantha was making valentines with her aunt, so we made our in similar style.The girls always really like the projects that are really open ended and they can just have fun doing their own designs.

This is our silhouette.  My original intention was to make these 5"X7" size and put them in frames.  (I even bought the frames!)  But, for the life of me we could not figure out how to get the shadow small enough to fit on a 5"X7" piece of paper!
This is a 12"X12" piece of scrapbook paper.  I thought these would be a nice scrapbook page for them to remember all the fun we had at our Samantha American Girl Club.  I am thinking it might be nice to let my daughter put together her own scrapbook of the whole 10 weeks of club.  I have kept it all pretty organized on my blog,  So we could easily remember what we did each week.  I can always come up with one more project!  LOL

We only have one more week of American Girl Club for Samantha!  Then we will be doing 6 weeks on Kaya.  My plan is to start with Kaya (the first set of books.) and just work our way through all the books in order.  It may take us a couple of years.  But, I don’t think the girls will mind a bit it we just keep going!  We should be able to finish Kaya and Felicity this school year.

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Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Jessy said,

    Hi Jamin'! I've been following your American Girl Club with excitement! My little girl is almost 7 and her ability to read has EXPLODED in the last 2-3 weeks! I thought I had at least another year to think about an AGC, but she's suddenly gone from reading Level 2 readers to whisking through a Magic Tree House in 20 minutes! We might start a club this spring! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Anonymous said,

    A fun thing I did for our club was to take loads of pics with my digital camera. Pics of craft time, learning time with old fashioned things they were looking at, pics of game time and even them sampling their snacks. We also took pics of them with their dolls, did group pics,… I also took some short videos of them playing the games and learning to dance.
    At the end of the year we had planned a big tea for all the girls and their moms, aunts, grandmas and other women in their life. (Our leader moved and we weren't able to do this.) We were even going to use china. We would have a CD of all the pics for the girls to take home and videos on there too! And we would of shown the pics as a slide show as well. She had planned a bunch of AG door prizes and even some for auction to help cover the following years AG costs.
    Another idea was the girls making a float for their dolls and walking that small float in a parade. One girl had Kit on a wagon with her roll top desk and accessories. The girl was dressed as Kit too! One had 2 dolls dressed in prairie dresses and they were having a hay ride. The girl was dressed up in a prairie dress.
    All the girls had candy they had brought to toss as they walked. Some girls just carried their dolls and threw candy.
    Love hearing what you are doing! Thanks for sharing!

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