Teacher's Discount Cards

January 12, 2009 at 11:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I mentioned I get a teacher’s discount at JoAnn’s in my Chia Pet post and several people have emailed asking about teacher’s discounts.  So…

Here are the places I have teacher discount cards:

Barnes & Nobles
Book Warehouse
Office Max
Office Depot

Most of these require that you have a teacher ID card, but fear not!  You can print one here for free:


There may be other local places that also offer a teacher’s discount.  I have a card to a used bookstores in our area.  In California I had one to a teacher supply store.  So the moral of the story is ASK!  I always ask if they have an educators discount.  Then I ask if that extends to homeschoolers.  Almost everywhere that has a discount will include homeschoolers if you have a teacher’s ID card.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. 4sweetums said,

    Thanks for sharing this. That would help get older students into events cheaper as well.

  2. TomySky said,

    Cool tip. I'll have to remember that [smile].


  3. Anonymous said,

    Thank you!!

    Hey, I read in your previous post about teaching your daughter your cell number in case she got lost. Here is some unsolicited advice that comes with no strings: There is great advice about keeping kids safe in a book that I read. It teaches why "stranger danger" doesn't keep kids safe. How many of us moms tell there kids to not talk to people they don't know and then tell them to ask the nice lady at the bank for a lolly-pop!!
    (Among other things) it teaches you to teach your child that if they are lost to find another mother with children and ask her for help. It is such sound advice. I mean, if my child came up to you and you kids at the mall and said "I have lost my mother" would you leave her to fend for herself? 🙂 I know I wouldn't leave a child who needed help. The book also points out that (statistically speaking) the safest people to ask for help are women.

    The book is called PROTECTING THE GIFT: KEEPING CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS SAFE (AND PARENTS SANE) and is by Gavin de Becker. There is some scary stuff in there but tons of need to know stuff. I keep foisting my copy off on my friends.
    His first book is about keeping yourself (women) safe and is also quite good. It teaches you to recognize when you are in danger and to not ignore fear (he calls fear a gift.) That is where the book name comes from. The first book is THE GIFT OF FEAR. The author does risk accessment for high profile people and studies crimes to find what "clues" to violence there were ahead of time. Mr. de Becker is able to describe these things and use real crimes as case studies while NEVER blaming the victim of the crime.
    Okay, off the soap box now. Sorry, I hadn't meant to get so serious. If you are interested in the books and find the time to check them out, let me know what you think.
    ~Venus in MA

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