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February 2, 2009 at 11:15 am (Uncategorized)

WOW!  I just noticed that my Clustermap  on my sidebar that gives me dots on a map for each of the hits I get from different countries now also tells me how many hits I got from each country. 

Here is my map with all the hits since I singed up in Aug 2006..

Locations of visitors to this page

And here is the list of where my visitors have been from in the last 6 months…

US United States 49,719
CA Canada 2,506
GB United Kingdom 1,145
AU Australia 761
NZ New Zealand 261
MX Mexico 171
PH Philippines 160
IN India 154
FR France 150
IT Italy 147
SG Singapore 143
ZA South Africa 123
DE Germany 112
MY Malaysia 98
ES Spain 92
NL Netherlands 81
IE Ireland 76
BR Brazil 75
CN China 75
KR Korea, Republic of 70
SA Saudi Arabia 62
AE United Arab Emirates 58
CH Switzerland 57
JP Japan 47
RO Romania 46
PR Puerto Rico 45
SE Sweden 44
TR Turkey 41
ID Indonesia 38
BE Belgium 37
EU Europe 35
PL Poland 35
TH Thailand 34
HK Hong Kong 34
CL Chile 32
HU Hungary 30
IL Israel 27
EG Egypt 24
TW Taiwan 24
PT Portugal 24
NO Norway 22
KW Kuwait 22
TT Trinidad and Tobago 21
RU Russian Federation 20
QA Qatar 20
AT Austria 19
PK Pakistan 18
MT Malta 18
VN Vietnam 17
AR Argentina 17
GU Guam 17
GR Greece 15
JM Jamaica 14
CZ Czech Republic 14
CY Cyprus 14
BM Bermuda 13
CO Colombia 12
BS Bahamas 12
BG Bulgaria 12
CR Costa Rica 12
FI Finland 12
LV Latvia 12
DK Denmark 12
VE Venezuela 12
JO Jordan 11
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of 11
BB Barbados 10
RS Serbia 10
HT Haiti 10
SK Slovakia 9
PE Peru 9
EC Ecuador 9
PS Palestinian Territory 9
LT Lithuania 9
EE Estonia 8
AN Netherlands Antilles 8
SI Slovenia 8
HN Honduras 7
HR Croatia 7
BH Bahrain 7
UA Ukraine 6
MM Myanmar 6
LK Sri Lanka 5
TG Togo 5
LU Luxembourg 5
LC Saint Lucia 5
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. 5
BD Bangladesh 5
MU Mauritius 4
GT Guatemala 4
AL Albania 4
NG Nigeria 4
AG Antigua and Barbuda 4
CI Cote D’Ivoire 3
DO Dominican Republic 3
MK Macedonia 3
KE Kenya 3
BZ Belize 3
KY Cayman Islands 3
LB Lebanon 3
PA Panama 3
GD Grenada 3
MV Maldives 2
OM Oman 2
ZM Zambia 2
NA Namibia 2
BW Botswana 2
VG Virgin Islands, British 2
AM Armenia 2
NP Nepal 2
MO Macau 2
BO Bolivia 2
MD Moldova, Republic of 2
UG Uganda 1
PY Paraguay 1
NI Nicaragua 1
GH Ghana 1
KH Cambodia 1
MZ Mozambique 1
SV El Salvador 1
SN Senegal 1
TN Tunisia 1
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of 1
BJ Benin 1
DZ Algeria 1
GI Gibraltar 1
MP Northern Mariana Islands 1
SD Sudan 1
UZ Uzbekistan 1
YE Yemen 1
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 1
MA Morocco 1
MN Mongolia 1
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
ME Montenegro 1
PG Papua New Guinea 1
GE Georgia 1
PF French Polynesia 1

Yikes, I have had visitors from 139 countries in the last 6 months!!  Plus, my daughter just pointed out that that wouldn’t include my 571 subscribers…Now I feel like I need to say something profound! 

Uh…Um..Uh…gulp…Hello world!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    Wow, Jamin! That is awesome! I love your site and can certainly understand why others around the world would enjoy it too.
    Shannon in Indiana

  2. TomySky said,

    Super cool! Talking to the world is a blogger's dream [smile]. Keep up the great work!

    ~Luke (in Colorado)

  3. Anonymous said,

    I only subscribe to two blogs–and yours is one of them! I look forward to reading your cheerful and honest posts!


  4. melinda http//www.mamabearscubhouse.com said,

    what's the big deal? you're only FUN-tastic!!!

    great read, and full ideas and spirit! thank you:)

  5. Juliestew said,

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know of the contest over at my blog! Fun decorating stuff!!! Come on over and take a stab at winning.
    And way to go on the Cluster Map!!!

  6. Anonymous said,

    I was looking at the list of countries and noticed that several of them are nations not accepting of and even hostile to Christianity! Go Jammin!

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