American Girl Club – Kaya 6 Week Plan

February 9, 2009 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized)

Here is the list of what I am planning for our Kaya study.  For those of you who are planning on following along with your own clubs I have included the links.

Book #1 Craft & Snack

Dreamcatcher –

Info on Dream Catchers –

Totem Pole

& Totem Pole

Info on totem poles

Cranberry Fritters

Book #2 Craft & Snack

Corn Husk Doll –

Leaf Bread

Book #3 Craft & Snack

Moccasins –

Easy Indian Fry Bread

Book #4 Craft & Snack

Native American Pendant

Native American Shield

Maple Popcorn Balls

Book #5 Craft & Snack

Vest Made from a Paper Bag

Buffalo Hide from paper


Book #6 Craft & Snack

Native American Drum

Corn Griddle Cakes

One side note.  Since I am not an expert on Native American History it was hard for me to find crafts and foods that are specific to the Nez Perce or Nimiipuu tribe which Kaya is a part of.  So instead I have chosen a crafts and recipes from a variety of tribes.  My thought is that this will give the girls a good overview of what life would have been like during Kaya’s time.  The information they are reading from the books each week will be specific to Kaya’s tribe and we can discuss any differences we see as we go along. My main intention with the crafts and snack are to highten the girls interest in learning about the different periods of history.  Hopefully the collection of crafts above will do just that!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Jessy said,

    What books do you recommend to go with an AG club? (Besides the ACTUAL Felicity, Kaya, etc books. LOL) And where do you get your great ideas?!

  2. said,

    i am so excited about your ideas. thank you for sharing the fun!

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