American Girl Club – Kaya – Week 1

February 11, 2009 at 9:34 am (Uncategorized)

Here are our crafts from week 1 of Kaya.


Totem Pole

Here are the girls intently working on their dreamcatchers.

My girl working on hers…

More hard working girls and their mom’s.

This was a really fun week!  Thirteen of the 14 girls that signed up were in attendance.  They all did a great job listening and getting involved with the questions that I asked about the chapters. I also took information about dreamcatchers and totem poles and read and discussed it with the girls.   I have quite a few Native American related items to show them over the 6 week period.  This week I took a hand woven basket to show them as well as a beaded necklace that I have owned since I was a little girl.  The girls always like when there is something hands on for them to touch and see!

Happy Homeschooling,



  1. mom24seas said,

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I am having 7 girls in this week for Kaya also.
    We only have a few meetings on each doll but I like you take more time with yours.
    We are having so much fun and I can see you gals are too.

  2. mom24seas said,

    my fingers are so fast the keyboard didn't keep up with me…lol
    I was saying I like how you take longer on each character. Maybe we will on our next one.

  3. said,

    Where do you live? We are home schoolers too.I found your website very interesting. Please write back. God Bless

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