Valentine's Party

February 13, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was our valentine’s party!  What a great time we had.  We started out with each child decorating a bag to collect their valentine’s in.  Then we split the group up into 4 smaller groups (We had 50 kids and 10 teen helpers at the party!) and rotated them through 4 stations.  1 cookie decorating station, 2 game stations and 1 story station.  The story was Saint Valentine which tells the story of the original Valentine! It is a lovely story that gives the kids an insight into how valentine’s day began and how it is related to Christianity. 

After all the kids had made it through all the stations we passed out the valentine’s the kids had brought for each other and then we ate our potluck lunch! 

Here are the games we played:

Game 1:  Parachute with heart foam shapes.  The kids grab a handle on the parachute. They hold up the parachute while the game leader tosses the shapes onto the parachute.  The kids flop the chute up and down while game leader says  1,2,3.  Then the kids fling the shapes really high, the game leader grabs the parachute, they grab hearts.  Whoever gets hearts with a the word prize written on it wins a prize.  (Play several times until everyone wins!) 
Game 2:  Egg Toss  Team divides into partners, standing in line, facing each other, about a step apart.  The team tosses the egg back and forth, taking a step back each time, until the egg breaks. 

Game 3:  Toilet Paper Challenge:  Divide kids into groups of five or so.  Have them line up.  Hand a roll of toilet paper to the person in front.  The object is to stay facing forward, passing the toilet paper back to the end of the line, alternating over the shoulder and between legs.  The team that gets the paper roll back to the front first without breaking the paper wins!

Here is my daughter and some of her American Girl Club friends decorating bags.
They are so cute!

The Story Station

The Egg Toss was a lot of fun! 

Parachute games.

Cookie Decorating Station

Last but not least FOOD!  :^)

It was a fun party.  Now we are all looking forward to the next one…Easter!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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