American Girl Club – Kaya – Week 2

February 18, 2009 at 9:24 am (Uncategorized)

This week for American Girl club we made Corn Husk Dolls.  This was really fun and a lot easier than I expected.  The hardest part was finding a place that I could buy enough corn husks!  LOL  Combined with the corn husks we needed for the snack I had to buy 200!   I bet the store clerk thought I was making a BIG batch of tamales!

Here is my sample Corn Husk dolls completed.

Here is the link to the basic directions we used:

To go along with the corn husk dolls I read the girls the Read Legend of the No Faced Doll too

This is something I always try to do if I can.  I like to tie the craft into the lesson as much as possible and the girls really enjoy learning about the hands on things we are doing.

Making the dolls together was a lot of fun!  I have been really bad about taking pictures at club because I get so busy.  Last night the other mom’s passed around my camera and I got great pictures!  Here are a few so you can see how much fun we have!

This was our lovely host mom and daughter this week.

My daughter working on her doll.

A table of happy doll makers!

Check out that cool shirt and the great smile!

I thought this was so sweet how she gave the doll she made to her Kaya doll!

Can you tell we have a lot of fun?

Another thing we did was work on making string figures.  I showed the girls how to make several string figures I learned online.  Here is the video where I learned how to make Jacobs Ladder.
I meant to have them watch this youtube video.

Navajo String Games by Grandma Margaret

But, I forgot so I emailed the link to all the mom’s to show them later.

Working the strings!

More string work.

Even the mom’s got in on the string play!
These 2 impressed us with there ability to remember how to do Cat’s Cradle from their schoolyard days!

For more info about Native American String Figures you can read my post from yesterday

Last, but not least, we had Leaf Bread for snack.

Here are the mom’s working on preparing the Leaf Bread

My girl checking out the Leaf Bread

Cautiously optimistic?  LOL
I think the girls are really enjoying the snacks.  The food is quite a contrast to what we did for snack when we were studying Samantha.  The mom’s are finding putting these snacks together a bit more challenging too!  LOL

I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel to have such a neat group of mom’s and girls to get together with each week!

On a related note…With all this interest in all things Native American my 5 year old is getting in on the fun at home too!

Here he is showing off his new tomahawk we made from a kit and wearing a rabbit pelt on his head!  LOL
He is fascinated with the rabbit pelt! (I bought it from Tandy Leather.)

He also really liked the Cornhusk Dolls and so I made him a boy one.
He is very happy with it!

And just because I am having SO MUCH fun posting all these pictures…Here is a preview of our craft for next week.
Pretty cute, huh?? Tune in next week to see how we make these!

Happy Homeschooling,


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