Kaya – From Pam

February 19, 2009 at 9:56 am (Uncategorized)

One of my readers sent me the following email and I thought those of you that are following our Kaya study would enjoy her email too!  I am posting it here with her permission.  Thanks Pam!

Hi there…
   I just saw your posting. 🙂  I have been one of those lurkers in the blogging world and yours is one I keep up with. I appreciate your time spent on sharing your ideas with us all! I have used ideas from your blog to incorporate into our homeschooling. I have 2 girls who love their American Girl Dolls. Our homeschool assistance program we belong to offers learning fairs 3 times a year. Last fall they had a literature fair. Of course my lightbulb went off and thought about the American Girl books. What timing! You had just posted on starting your American Girl club. I was so excited to read about what you were going to do with it. My idea was to let each of my girls pick which doll they would like to study. One has Mia but she chose Kaya to learn more about. The other has Molly, so we chose her to do. I knew we would do a lapbook on what we learned. We used the one from homeschoolshare.com. I wanted to expand on more activities and your blog encouraged me to find more books…add a craft and boom, we had a great project in the works to share at the fair. I enclosed some pics from the our project on Kaya. We made a teepee out of a brown paper bag and then we made a woven basket. We ordered the doll dress to show the attire. And we even found an Indian costume that she wore for the fair and for Halloween!
It was alot of fun and just wanted to wish you well on learning about Kaya. Thanks again for sharing your experience and directing us to other resources for schooling our kids. I have even been doing the ABC book from homeschoolshare.com with my son!
Have a great week,

Now this is a fine looking display! Excellent!

Okay, this basket I am in LOVE with!
I actually have made baskets like this in the past using fabric instead of the raffia.  I LOVE her idea of using the raffia!!  I am trying to figure out if I can squeeze one more craft in and have the girls make these too!

How cute is this teepee?

Keep up the good work Pam and family. Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Homeschooling,



1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jamin,

    Just saw your posting this evening of our Kaya learning fair. I showed my girls and thought it was pretty cool that you posted us. They want to join your American Girl Club!! Looks like you are all enjoying it so far with Kaya.

    Have fun, Pam

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