Non-Homeschool Blogs I Enjoy

February 20, 2009 at 10:27 am (Uncategorized)

I know this may come as a shock, but there are actually blogs I read that have nothing to do with homeschooling!  Lately I have been reading a few new ones that I enjoy, so I thought I would let you all know about them.

The first one that I have become addicted to is called Cake Wrecks.  This is a blog about professionally made cakes gone wrong.  It is HYSTERICAL!  I find myself looking forward to each new post because I know that I am almost guaranteed a good laugh!  Not only are the cakes funny, but the lady who writes it is witty and sarcastic, without being mean.  The kids have also become fans of the blog because when they hear mom laughing at her keyboard and they come running! LOL  Some of my favorite posts are Redneck Wedding Cakes, Internal Organ Cakes, and who wouldn’t love a cake disguised as other food that is bad for you? One day a week she actually features Non-Wreck Cakes which are pretty awesome and one of those posts actually led me to the next blog I am enjoying. 

Dispatches From The Island is the blog of Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley on Lost.  (Yes, we are Lost fans.  I am "lost" most of the time, but my husband and 14 year old try their best to explain what is going on to me!  I am not one to usually talk during a TV show, but with this one I am consantly having them pause the TIVO so I can ask questions and they can try and explain to me what is going on!  LOL)  Anyway, I have been enjoying this blog because he seems like such a regular nice guy who fame has not ruined.  It makes me smile when he posts about his deodorant or how he saved money with coupons buying toilet paper.  LOL  Somehow this blog reminds me of my previous life when I worked at ABC-TV in Hollywood and I was use to actors being regular people.  He seems like someone that would chat with me at the commissary while we waited in line.  :^)

Okay, after all that cake and TV watching I need a exercise blog!  Thankfully my sister-in-law just started one!  YAY!!!  The Go Girl Club is a blog dedicated to inspiring us to get up and get  moving!  I love her post entitles Exercise Isn’t Fun, But This Blog Is and I can also totally relate to Are You Kidding Me?  LOL  If you need some inspration to get in shape head on over to The Go Girl Club!  You can either sign up and become a member or be a lurker like me!  hehehe Be sure to tell her Jamin sent you!

The next one is probably a little more of what you would expect from me.  It’s the craft blog of Futuregirl.  My friend Ann got me started on it and I am loving it! She makes a lot of things from felt, which is something I also love to do.  Everything she makes is something I would make if I had more time!  (I get the impression she doesn’t have kids! LOL)  So I enjoy looking around her blog and living vicariously through her!  hehehe  Some of my favs are her felt mushroomssofties,  and wood grained crochet pillows.

The other 2 are I guess close to being homeschool related.  They are both kids craft blogs and I found the links over at Jimmie’s blog.  The first one is called the Crafty Crow and the other is Kids Craft Weekly.  Craft Crow has a zillion easy ideas that I would love to make with the kids.  Like suncatchers, pretty folded paper butterflies and these adorable reverse applique bean bags.  The number of great ideas at Crafty Crow blog boggles the mind!  Kids Craft Weekly is pretty awesome too!  This one is a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe too.  (Or you can stop by the blog and read the lastest issue like this one on bugs.)  I have only read a few of these so far, but the projects seem easy to do with materials that are either around the house or not hard to find.  I just subscribed to get the weekly emails and I am looking forward to the new ideas I know we will be crafting around our house! 

So there you have it!  (And you all knew we would end up back with blogs that apply to homeschooling!  Sorry, I just can’t help myself!  LOL)

Thanks to Alyx, Ann, Callie and Jimmie for directing me to these great blogs!!!! 

Happy Homeschooing,




  1. Anonymous said,

    Just what I need, more blogs to read! LOL Have you been to One Pretty Thing yet? Its a blog daily roundups of crafts all over the web. Too cool for us craft addicts!
    Susan (mamaduso)

  2. Anonymous said,

    I LOVE the Dispatches from the Island blog! We lived in Kaneohe Bay HI when the show started, right in between Kailua and the Macadamia nut farm where they film a lot, and we saw the stars all the time! Thanks!

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