Stage Fright on a Summer Night – Questions

February 25, 2009 at 5:54 am (Uncategorized)

My daughter has been reading through the Magic Tree House books.  Many of them I have read aloud to her before.  But, yesterday she read Stage Fright on a Summer Night by herself and we had not read it together before.  To make sure she was comprehending what she read I thought I would ask her some questions about the book.  Here is what she told me. 

Stage Fright on a Summer Night – By Mary Pope Osborne

Comprehension Questions


Who is William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is a guy who wrote lots of scripts for the theater and poems.  Some people think he was the greatest writer who ever lived.

Where did he live?

He lived in London England in the 1600’s.

What was the theater like in that time?

Everyone basically could afford it.  Some people would sit on the ground.  People who were richer sat in booths that hung from the ceiling.  Women were not allowed to be on stage.  All the girl parts had to be played by men.

What is something funny that happened in the book?

The Fairy Queen in the play got magic juice put on her eyes by the Fairy King.  It was to make her fall in love with the next person she saw.  But she saw a donkey next!  So she fell in love with the donkey! 

What is something sad that happened?

They made the dogs and bears fight in the Bear Garden. 

Did you like the story? Why or why not?

Yes, I liked it because it was interesting and I learned about William Shakespeare.

What is something new you learned?

I learned that women were not allowed to be on stage.


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  1. msack said,

    Did you know that one the magic tree house site there are quizes on the books? the kids can print out a passport book and get "stamps" when they get the quiz right. My DD 5 is loving it!

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