Birthday Celebration

February 26, 2009 at 10:14 am (Uncategorized)

We are not having my daughters party until next week, but here are some pictures of the family festivities at home yesterday…

Posing with her bounty of gifts!

Her birthday treasure hunt
We started this when my oldest turned 13 and Dad was already living in our new location and couldn’t be with us on birthday morning.  I wanted my son to have some gifts to open even though we had already had his party.  So I did a treasure hunt with one gift for each year of his life.  (Inexpensive things.)  The kids all LOVED it so now we have to do it for every birthday!  It is a fun new tradition.  Now I mostly incorporate their gifts into the hunt, so they get a mix of nicer things and inexpensive things.

Finding another clue/gift!

and another…

Opening her gift from her little brother…

Hugging her big brother for the card he made her. So sweet!
He wrote "You are as beautiful as a flower." on the front of the card and then decorated it with flower stickers.  What girl wouldn’t love that?

She is so fun to give gifts to!
Every gift she opens she squeals with delight!

Here is the one she REALLY wanted this year!
A pink Nintendo DS Lite!  This girl LOVES all things pink.  She frequently laments over the fact that most of the (non-clothing) things she gets are more gender neutral so they can be passed down to her little brother.  So this was a BIG treat to get a girlie Gameboy!  LOL

One last posed picture with all her treasures!

And of course we had to have cake!

We were looking at scrapbooks the other day and she saw that this is what we had done for her older brothers cake when he was 8.  So she wanted the same thing in pink!

Did I mention that she decorated it herself?

And blowing them out.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    I absolutely love this idea! How do you give the clues to find the gifts? My oldest (14) is going to be having a birthday soon and I think he would love this. Thanks!


  2. Lizzie said,

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Awesome job decorating the cake! My son is 8–it's a pretty cool age!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hey, I just saw your daughter's birthday posts and then happened to click over to her blog….um….it still says she's five! :0

    Love the 8 cake idea!

    The Family Revised

  4. MichelleMcKinney said,

    Time certainly does fly by. I remember her as the girl with the Shirley Temple curls and cute little dresses.

    Many Blessings to her and wishes of Happy Birthday!!

    from the Mckinneys
    (Michelle, Nicholas, Nathan, and Olivia …and Teresa, but you all haven't met her! lol)

  5. Anonymous said,

    What a sweet cake! My son saw it and loved it. He is 5 and in 6 months will be 6. He wants a Hot Wheels cake and saw hers and said he wants that cake. He wants it with flags and cars going around the track and a big icing hill for the cars to go on. Sis said he could have candles on the cars that stick to the cars with playdoh.
    Sure is funny how they got all that out of a figure 8!
    Happy birthday!

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