My Birthday Present

March 3, 2009 at 8:25 am (Uncategorized)

When you move into a house that has something weird over the fireplace that looks like this…

It might be smart to assume it is covering something that looks like this…

Although we just assumed that the people that lived here before us had bad taste and we would find the original brick back there!  LOL  I hated that paneling SO MUCH that for my birthday (Feb 21st) I asked my to take it down and "expose the brick"  Needless to say we had to go to plan B! It took a bit longer than we expected, but…

Now it looks like this…
Ah…much, much better! :^)

Thank you honey…
While he was in there he wired it and put in the supports for a big screen TV!  Maybe I will ask for that for my next birthday!  LOL

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    kinda scary. Looks great now. Happy birthday,

  2. 4sweetums said,

    We have found some very strange things behind our walls as well. I love the completed project.

  3. TJ said,

    We've lived in some interesting homes, too! Amazing what you find behind the walls! Your hubby did a fantastic job. The fireplace looks just beautiful now! Good luck with the big screen next year!

  4. redmom said,

    Both the wall AND the pictures. She's sure growing up!

  5. CarpeBanana said,

    I, too, know the joys of living in an, uh, interesting old house.

    Good job on plan B! It looks great.

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