American Girl Club – Kaya – Week 3

March 5, 2009 at 9:31 am (Uncategorized)

This week we started out the club talking about blindness.  Kaya’s friend, Speaking Rain, is blind.  So I thought we would take a little time to talk about what it is like to be blind.  This is something near and dear to my heart since my dear friend Faye is also blind.  So we talked a little about the special challenges of being blind and how they can be overcome.  Then I showed the girls the Braille Bible my friend Faye gave to my daughter.  Well, it’s actually not the whole Bible, just the book of Genesis! 

I took this picture with a regular 5inch X 7 inch Bible in front of the 2 books that make up Genesis in the Braille Bible just for point of reference to the size. Of course in Kaya’s time they would not have had braille or the Bible, but I the girls and their mom’s really enjoyed seeing the Bible and holding it and of course trying to read with their fingers!  It also led us to talk a little bit about what things Speaking Rain might have done to overcome the challenges she faced as a blind Native American. 

In the books they talk about how Speaking Rain is a talented cord maker.  We forget in our day and age how valuable cord would have been during the days before buttons, zippers and velcro!  But, back then it was used to fasten just about everything!  From shoes, to clothing, to weapons, to tying supplies on to a travois…cord was essential!  As an activity I had the girls break up into partners and teach each other how to braid without seeing! 

Here is my daughter with her partner.

It was fun and challenging braiding blindfolded!

We also discussed how hard life in general was then compared to our lives now!  WOW!  We just take for granted that when need new shoes we can go buy them!  But, that was not the case for Kaya!  Everything has to be made from scratch!  There were no stores to buy anything!  We talked about this as we prepared to making our moccasins!  I wanted to encourage the girls to do as much of the sewing as they could.  (We learned back when we were doing Samantha is that the girls don’t like to sew and the mom’s in our group are not wild about it either! LOL)

I wish I had grabbed the camera and taken pictures of them making the mocs!  It just gets SO hectic and I have a hard time remember to take pictures.  (If it were not for the other mom’s I would never have any!)  So I will just post (again!) the picture of the ones I made.  :^)
Almost all the girls did complete their moccasins and the couple that didn’t took them home to finish. They worked really hard on these and were proud of their finished priducts!

Here are the basic directions we used:

Moccasins –

Except instead of tracing our own feet I traced an American Girl dolls foot to make the pattern.

Here are a few of the girls lined up eating snack.  We had Indian Fry Bread this week and it was YUMMY!!!
It was another fun week!

Here is one last thing I found interesting as I was researching moccasins.  The link below is to a map that shows what kind of moccasins were worn in the different parts of North America.  I thought it was fascinating how the styles varied in the different areas.

Happy Homeschooling,


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