Teen Week

March 10, 2009 at 9:26 am (Uncategorized)

With my daughters birthday, birthday pictures, Dr. Seuss Day, etc. it seems that my blog has been all about our little princess for the past couple weeks.  Since I do have 2 other kids I thought I would make an effort to change things this week! So for the rest of the week I will be focusing on my teen! 

Ah, the teen years!  Now that my oldest is a homeschooled high schooler I get the feeling that I am more and more of an oddball.  I love homeschooling my high schooler, but I do know that a lot of people think they can homeschool through the younger years but that High School is just going to be off limits. Thanks to the wonderful abundance of curriculum available to homeschoolers I have not found that to be the case at all!  My son is enjoying his freshman year of high school and is taking things like Biology, Algebra and Japanese that I have never even taken!  My role as a homeschool mom has changed dramatically with him this year.  Instead of being his hands-on teacher I am much more of a cheerleader!  I give him his assignments and he works independently.  Quite honestly this is the easiest homeschool year I have ever had with him!  I think it’s appropriate too since this will be a much closer model of what life will be like when he is in college.

To start out teen week I wanted to share a really cool, free website I found recently.   hippocampus.org offers multimedia presentations and course materials on a variety of High School and College level subjects.  The one I have spent the most time looking at is American Government and I can tell you I am impressed!  I actually want to take the time to go through the whole thing myself, I know I can learn a lot!  I am planning on having my son use at least the American Government portion next school year! Statistics, US History, Physics and the Religion section also look interesting.  (Be sure to check it all out for yourself.  I did see that the Biology section is heavy on evolution.)

Another interesting thing about this website is that there are Advance Placement sections that covers all of the material outlined by the College Boards as necessary to prepare students to pass the AP exams.  This could come in handy!

Stay tuned this week for:

Questions Homeschooled Teens get asked

Foundations with Personal Finance for Teens with Dave Ramsey

Auto Upkeep Curriculum

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. msack said,

    My son will be a freshman next year and we plan to homeschool though highschool!

    Can't wait to read the upcoming post!

  2. Christinethecurious said,

    I'm especially interested in the questions post!

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