Foundations in Personal Finance

March 12, 2009 at 8:18 am (Uncategorized)

My 14 year old is taking the class Foundations in Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey through our homeschool group this year.  One of the mom’s bought the curriculum and then split the cost between everyone who signed up.  It kept the cost really reasonable and then she is volunteering her time to teach the class.  (I LOVE homeschool mom’s!)  They just finished week 6 of 12 and we are SO pleased with what my son is learning!

In the first 6 weeks they have learned about savings and investing, the dangers of debt, advertising, the credit bureau and collection practices.  It has all been eye opening to my teen and it is so fun to pick him up each week and hear what he has learned!  I love hearing him talk about things like IRA’s and Mutual Funds!  WOW, he is growing up!

In the upcoming weeks they will be learning about budgeting, bargain shopping, relating with money, career choices, taxes, insurance, real estate and mortgages.  I am excited that he will have this information so early in his life and is getting a good foundation for his personal finance before he makes any decisions.  (I am a little envious too!  Where was Dave Ramsey when I was a teen?  ;^) 

The class is primarily taught through videos, so you wouldn’t  have to be a finance expert to teach it.  So if this is something you want for your own teen you might want to check it out!

(If your kids are not quite ready for a personal finance class you might want to check out the kids section at Dave Ramsey’s website. There are games, puzzles, printables and even a free online book about spending!) 


Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. bbullard said,

    I loved the 'Questions Homeschooled Teens Get Asked' post. Our daughter, who is the same age as your son, will have almost the exact same questions and responses (most days, unless she's had a bad at school–HA HA!) Don't you just love the way that they look at the questions as "normal"? It makes it almost laughable the way we do mental flips over how to answer questions, and they just respond as if all the world is/should be homeschooled. Hmmm…'and a child shall lead them', right? Maybe there's something we can learn them.

    Anyway, if the Lord sames the same, can you perhaps update or write me offline ( with how your son comes out with this course? I've really wanted to use something with our daughter, and I enjoy Dave Ramsey–we've adopted many of his plans in our home. This program might be too costly for me, but I might get creative with pulling a group together, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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