Auto Upkeep – Review

March 13, 2009 at 8:57 pm (Uncategorized)

My 14 year old shocked me the other day when he announced he had just learned that he can get a Learner’s Permit to drive in 6 months!  (Insert silent scream here!  LOL  I hadn’t thought about that! 

Lucky for me I recently I received a neat new curriculum in the mail to try out with my oldest son.  It’s called Auto Upkeep Basic Car Care, Maintence and Repairs.  I am really excited about this curriculum!  My own dad was a "car guy"  he LOVED cars he loved tinkering with them.  So as long as I lived near my dad my car was taken care of.  When I moved to California in my 20’s and married my husband the car duties were handed over to him.  My husband is not a "car guy" by choice, but he is knowledgable and does a great job upkeeping the cars.  For both my dad and my husband my duty was to hold the flashlight and keep track of the tools!  LOL Since I am certainly not a "car girl"  I asked my husband to take a look at the curriculum.

Here is what he said:

I like how the workbook chapters break down one section of the car at a time.  It goes from the most basic to the more complicated.  In the workbook each chapter has web links to go to and activities to call around and get quotes and information from different places.  I like that it gets the kids involved and getting experience as they use the curriculum.

The manual explains all the different tools you will need to use and what they are for.  It explains how to check fluids, the electrical system and what the different systems are.  There are a lots of web links so the information will remain up to date.  It also talks about being green and recycling things like oil and other fluids which is important.

The manual also breaks up the expenses of having a car.  It goes in to expenses such as maintenance, insurance, cost of the car, repairs, etc.  It also has information to figure out how many of your work hours will go to paying for your car each week. This will be good for our oldest to do next Fall.

The curriculum comes with a workbook, manual and CD-rom.  The CD includes lab activities, study questions, tests, exams, finals and the answer key.  The whole package looks very professional and complete!

Honestly I wish I would have had this for myself many, many years ago when I started driving!  Maybe I will learn a thing or two right along with him!

Happy Homeschooling,


P.S.  If you are reading this via email…For some reason Feedburner is not sending out all my posts.  I promised to write about the Dave Ramsey Finance class my teenager is taking, and I did yesterday.  But, it didn’t get sent out.  If you would like to read it click HERE.


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