Beginner Basket Weaving (Very Beginner! LOL)

March 19, 2009 at 8:26 am (Uncategorized)

I decided after I saw the pictures Pam sent me that I wanted the girls to weave little baskets for their final night of Kaya next week.  I was going to have them make drums, but basket making is a lot more prominent in the Kaya stories so I switched gears.  The problem?  I am NOT a baskets maker!  LOL  The only basket I have ever made in my life was a coiled fabric Easter basket.  I took a class 20 years ago and made one basket.  Since this was the same type of basket Pam had made I was hoping I could remember how I made that one 20 years ago! 

To refresh my memory on making coiled baskets I started out with a fabric one.
Making this one taught me that you need A LOT more of the cotton cording than I remembered!  I used 4 yards to make the one above and I was thinking it would be big enough for my youngest to use as an Easter basket!  LOL.  I am guessing the Easter Basket I made years ago must have taken about 16 yards. 

Then I tried to make one out of brown paper.  It was a complete failure!  LOL  It didn’t look too bad, but the paper kept tearing.  So I moved on to natural raffia.
This one looks pretty good, but working with the natural raffia I bought was a little difficult. (See the unruly pile behind the basket!  LOL) Honestly, I am not sure if the girls can handle it. 

So I finally got smart and emailed Pam to see what she used.Then I headed to the craft store again!  (Thanks for the help Pam!)

Here is the one Pam’s daughter made.

Finally I found the right raffia at Micheal’s!  This is found in the gift wrap department and it is made from paper. It comes rolled up tight but you have to unroll it to use it. (See roll raffia behind the basket below.) Here is my 4th try!  LOL
I am happy with this one!  It seems a little small, but it is actually the same amount of cording as the one I made with the natural raffia.  It all just depends on how quickly you start shaping the sides.  This one is flatter but both of them were made using 48 inches of the cotton cording that the raffia is wrapped around.


There are plenty of directions already available online regarding how to make these.  Here are a couple online resources I found helpful in my basket making research:

Instructions Pam shared with me:

Coil basket Instructions I found online. (great pics on this one!)

Basket Making Primer

I hope the girls like making these as much as I did!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    How cute…you did an awesome job on that basket. I hope the girls love doing it. By the way, I just saw the post below and love the dress for the doll. We have one from American Girl. I will have to show the girls and make another for each of their dolls. How cool! Love reading about your progress with the club.


  2. Anonymous said,

    I found you blog doing a search for basket weaving. I thought the coiled basket turned out very sweet.

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