First Day of Spring!

March 20, 2009 at 4:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, today was the first official day of Spring and we were blessed to be able to be out enjoying it!  We had planned on going swimming after Preschool Class/Chess Club, but we went to the park to eat lunch before heading to the pool and met up with some homeschool friends.  So we ended up hanging out at the park instead!

My boys!

After lunch we headed over to a little pond area.

The kids had a good time exploring.

Then they started looking at the little creatures swimming in the water.  (I think they were minnows?)
Notice my kids are hanging back not sure to think of this muddy water!

My little man is still exploring the edge of the water. (But, the bottom of his shorts are now wet.)

Simple pleasure…

Of course mom is always trying for posed shot!
They are still looking pretty clean for playing at the waters edge….

There is nothing like some good old fashioned running!

Finally my kids warmed up to the water!  (You can’t see my little man in this one but is may be because he was in over his head at this point!  LOL)
Once they realized it was okay to get dirty they had a blast! 

Need I say more?  LOL
This picture made me miss my mother-in-law.  She use to tease me that I never let my kids get dirty!  LOL  This one is for you Grammy!

Here is my equally messy little man.  His dirt doesn’t show up as well in pictures, but you might recall he was wearing beige shorts when we arrived at the park!
Now his shorts are a lovely mud color and his shirt is completely soaked too! LOL

At this point I had changed them into their swim suits so I wouldn’t have to wash their car seat covers after they rode home.
I love his little mud streaked cheeks!

It was a great day! 

Happy Spring!



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  1. BStrouse said,

    What fun it looks like they had. I wish we could do that here in FL. But if you see a pond like that you take a chance of gators. But your kids looked like they had a wonderful time. I love the sleeping muddy boy best.
    My Mom always told me that the dirty they are the more fun they had!

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