The Letter Q

March 20, 2009 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

This is my least favorite week of ABC Class!  The letter Q is HARD!  LOL 

Here is what I scraped together for this week…

Quilt Collages
This is made from quilt wrapping paper I picked up years ago at Borders. (See pic above.)  I have used some in my scrapbooking, but most of it has gone to preschool class for the letter Q crafts! You could also just use color paper or scrapbook paper and let them make a quilt collage.

Quarter Rubbings
I was thinking this craft was a little lame.  Then while I was making the example my 5 year old wandered in and he LOVED it!  He remembered making leaf rubbings last Fall and he thought this was quite fun!  He ended up making the sample. I also printed out a Quarter Coloring sheet for the kids.

Quarter Coloring Sheet

For the letter of the week we will glue on Q-tips

May I Bring A Friend?
(It’s about going to see the Queen.)
The Quilt Story

It’s Quacking Time

Felt Stories –

I didn’t have a single Q felt story and after doing the quarter rubbings it occurred to me I could make a simple one using the poem from my daughters Money Lapbook. (Hey, it has the word quarter in it!)

Here is what I came up with.
I laminated this one because I think my 5 year old will play with it a lot. My daughter still recites this poem which she memorized in June of 2006! Kids brains are amazing!

Here is the poem:

Penny, Penny,
Easily Spent.
Copper Brown
And worth one cent.

Nickle, Nickle,
Thick and Fat.
Your worth 5 cents,
I know that!

Dime, Dime,
Little and thin.
I remember
Your worth 10!

Quarter, Quarter,
Big and Bold.
Your worth 25
I’m told!

Here are the printables I used:

Since I don’t have any other Q felt board stories I will use my ABC ones.

Chicka- Chicka ABC
Alpha Gator

Alpha-Gator  is also new.
My 5 year old thinks this one is hysterical!  LOL  He has had me do it for him many times over the last week since we made it

If you want to make this one…

The story is here:

The silly looking alligator is here:

The ABC’s I typed up to use with Alpha Gator are here:

(BTW, I am loving!  It’s a free place to host files so you can share them.  YAY!!!)


Snack will be Quaker Oats Granola Bars!  (mini quiche are also good.)

Whew, that’s it for the letter Q!  Only 9 letters to go and we are done with preschool!!!  :^(

Now my 5 year old wants me to teach a "Star Wars Class".  LOL  He has it all figured out we can use Star Wars to teach reading, math and writing just like I do American Girl Club!  LOL  Someone please save me! 

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    Jamin, you absolutely amaze me. Day after day you have some fabulous ideas! I love your blog and check in daily to get ideas and inspiration in my homeschooling efforts (which seem mighty meager compared to you!). Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!
    Shannon in Indiana

  2. Anonymous said,

    You can use the Q-Tips as skeletons for a dinosaur or other animal. Glue them in place with some of the Q-Tips cut in 1/2 of course to make the smaller bones. If money isn't a problem you can spray the q-tips with glow-in-the-dark paint and then when they are done they can hang the dino in their room and see it glow. Might be something just for your son since glow in dark paint is kinda expensive.
    Love you ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joni said,

    Wow, it's great the ideas you've come up with. Just wanted to share that when I was in school we had a story about quail for the letter q.

    God bless!

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