1902 House

March 23, 2009 at 8:54 am (Uncategorized)

Since we just finished up our Samantha study (1904) I was excited when I learned there was a house from 1902 nearby that gives free tours!  This weekend we went to check it out with some friends from American Girl Club.

Here is my daughter in front of the house.

The kids were impressed with the precursor to the laptop!  LOL

Circa 1900 photos

The kids liked these because we have similar picture of my great-great grandparents taken in the 1860’s. Here is ours.

Lots of fancy china.

We couldn’t get over how small the bed was. 

Vanity set. 

This was my favorite thing in the house.  I love these shoes!
Although I would not want to wear them!  LOL

The kids likes this because we have a very similar wash stand that was my grandparents.

I thought this highchair was beautiful!
But, I sure wouldn’t want to clean it after a baby ate in it!

The most modern kitchen tools!

This one my kids liked too, becuase we have a very similar old stove.

Here is a picture of our old stove.
We use it for an island in our kitchen. :^)

Butter churn.  (Ignore the modern day coffe pot!  LOL)

This wheelchair was there because this was the home of a doctor. This chair is 114 years old!

Long handeled broom to sweep the high ceilings.
I could use one of these!

Here are the kids outside the house.

It was fun to see a house from "Samantha’s time".  My daughter really enjoyed it and I know it made the books come even more alive for her.  Now I am looking for a Native American museum nearby to conclude out Kaya study.

Happy Homeschooling,



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