American Girl Club – Kaya – Week 6

March 26, 2009 at 9:21 am (Uncategorized)

This week was our final night of Kaya for our American Girl Club.

This week the girls made their baskets

Here are a couple works in process

The baskets were challenging for the girls and therefore very mom involved.  But, I still think the girls enjoyed it and have a greater appreciation for what it takes to make a basket.  We are all still marveling at the fact that Kaya’s baskets had to hold water and they cooked in them!

We also made Talking Sticks. (You can see part of one in the picture above.)  I read about Native American Talking Sticks online and I thought it would be a fun thing to make with the girls.  The concept of the Talking Stick is that when they would have meetings the person who "had the floor" would hold the Talking Stick".  This way everyone knew whose turn it was to speak and would give them the respect they deserved.  I really liked this idea because my kids frequently fight in the car over who’s turn it is to talk!  LOL  I end up being the referee saying "Okay, now it’s so and so’s turn to talk."  this especially frustrates my 5 year old.  Usually by the time it’s his turn to talk he has forgotten what he wants to say, so he spends his turn complaining that he never gets to talk!  hehehe  (It’s hard to be the baby especially when your seat is in the far back of the van and no one can hear you!)  So since I read about the talking stick we now have an imaginary one in our car!  Instead of telling the kids they have to stop talking I can just say "So and so has the talking stick now."  It seems to be working!  Occasionally I will hear my 5 year old yell "Give me the talking stick!"  LOL

For American Girl Club last night we took turns passing ours around as the girls took turn answering the chapter questions I ask each week.  It was fun and more challenging for some than others!  (It was hardest for my daughter and I who both like to talk!  LOL)

So that is the end of our Kaya study!  It was very fun, we all enjoyed it!  Next week we start Felicity!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Shannon @ Song of My Heart said,

    Your American Girl Club looks like so much fun.
    I'll have to keep that idea in the back of my head when my daughters are old enough for the books.
    Loved your Maya ideas and I always enjoy your blog!

  2. Anonymous said,

    OK, now that you are starting Felicity, you really should plan a field trip to Williamsburg Virginia. We go all the time just to walk down Duke of Gloucester Street , have some ginger cakes, and enjoy some family time, but my favorite memories are when my daughter was younger. She dressed as Felicity and my older son dressed as a a colonial gent and we had such fun seeking out Felicity's home, walking through her garden, participating in the dramas there, and in general stepping back into time. What grand memories! You are welcome to stay with us, should your schedule allow a trip across the rest of the country:-)
    Blessings, Jan in Va.

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