Schoolhouse Rock LIVE

March 31, 2009 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

Being a child in the 70’s Schoolhouse Rock was from MY generation!  I LOVE Schoolhouse Rock and my children cut their teeth on the songs and videos.  So we were all thrilled when we got to go to a local production of Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!!!

Here is my little man before the show began.

The premise of the play is that it’s the first day of school for a new teacher and he’s nervous.  He turns on the TV to calm his nerves before school and Schoolhouse Rock is on TV.  The characters come out of the TV and start singing all the different songs showing him that learning can be fun!  They started out with A Noun Is  A Person, Place or Thing, then went on to some of our other favorites like Three is the Magic Number, Conjunction Junction, Inter-Planet Janet and Do The Circulation.  (In Do The Circulation we all got to get up and dance along!:^) Last but not least they closed with Interjections!  in which appropriately the final line is "Darn, that’s the end!"  LOL

It was a GREAT show!  My favorite part was just as it ended and the lights we coming up my 14 year old looked at me over his little brothers head and said "That was AWESOME!"  It’s not everyday I get to hear that during schooltime!  LOL

Happy Homeschooling,


Click here to read Schoolhouse Rock lyrics and view the videos on YouTube.



  1. Penny said,

    That's so cool! I grew up with them, too. I learned the Preamble to The Constitution from them, long before I was required to memorize it. Schoolhouse Rock is a great learning tool. All the songs were so catchy. I find myself singing them, even after all these years. Great!

  2. GP Momma said,

    We went to see this too and had a blast! Great timing because we were working on our three times table last week!

    Wish I would have seen your little ones, I would have loved to bumped into you and said hello!

    I know feel the need to own Schoolhouse Rock on DVD, I am on a search! 🙂Edited by jaminacema on Mar. 31, 2009 at 10:37 AM

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