April Fool's Day

April 2, 2009 at 8:06 am (Uncategorized)

My oldest 2 kids LOVE April Fool’s Day.  I try really hard to pull something over on them.  But, this year it snuck up on me.  My oldest son got a good idea for a prank for dad at finance class yesterday. When he came home from work last night they had put a sign on both the front and back door that the door was broken and to use the other door!  (Dad frequently complains that our hobby is breaking things.  So this was a good prank to play on him!)

Late yesterday afternoon one of the ladies on one of my yahoo groups posted a link to the April Fool’s pranks at Family Fun online.  I found a couple of good ones in the printable pranks section!

First off I printed a Alien Birth Certificate for my 14 year old.  For some weird reason we have never gotten a birth certificate for him!  A few weeks ago when he informed us he could get a driver’s permit in 6 months we realized we need to order one!  So things were all set up to give him a birth certificate from another planet!  LOL  I took an official looking envelope we had gotten from something else in the mail.  Glued it back shut and then opened it making sure to rip off the return address.  It looked really authentic!  Then when he got home from youth group last night I told him his birth certificate had come!  hehehe  Good luck getting a driver’s license with that!  I got him good! :^)

Then for the littles I thought it would be funny to give them a  Fake Chore Chart.  Right before bed dad and I sat them down and told them we didn’t feel they were doing enough around the house.  We explained that mom has been feeling really tired and I just need more help.  We decided it was fair to give them each one chore per day they are responsible for instead of their usual chores.  Here are the "new" chores…

14 year old –  All cooking and cleaning of kitchen.  (This is just a partial stretch because he already does all the kitchen cleaning.  We let him in on the joke in advance so he could help us sell it!)

8 year old
Mon. – Do grocery shopping
Tues. – Balance family checkbook
Wed.  – Lick 100 stamps and mail all bills
Thurs. – Wash your own clothing and hold it outside until dry.
Fri. – Clean toilets
Sat. – Hold a weekly garage sale to supplement family income.
Sun. – Day of rest :^)

5 year old
Mon. – Pay the bills
Tues. – Mow the grass
Wed.  – Get up at midnight and deliver midnight snacks to mom and dad.
Thurs. – Wash your own clothing and hold it outside until dry.
Fri. – Clean dad’s shoes with a toothbrush
Sat. – Hold a weekly garage sale to supplement family income.
Sun. – Day of rest :^)


They caught on pretty fast, but unfortunately my 5 year old didn’t think it was funny!  Ooops… I wonder if they will appreciate their real chores a little more from now on? 


Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. Anonymous said,

    and hold them outside to dry!
    You crack me up.
    Thanks for the laugh today.
    ~Venus in MA

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