April 6, 2009 at 8:53 am (Uncategorized)

Honestly being homeschoolers I never thought any of my children would go to a Prom.  But, this weekend they all 3 got to go to one!  What????  Well, let me explain.  Our church hosted the coolest event this weekend.  It is called a Special Needs Prom.  It is a Prom held for kids with mental and physical disabilities in the community.  Families from the church put it all together and then are asked to attend to be part of the festivities.  The youth group helps not only to set up, take down and decorate, but they also come to dance with the invited guests. 

Here is my daughter with one of her friends.

Here is my oldest son dressed up for the first time in a suit!

When you are 8 it’s still okay to slow dance with your friend! ;^)

My little man busting a move!  LOL

How low can you go?

My little man was on the dance floor almost all night!
I loved seeing the kids just dancing around with wheelchairs right on the dance floor and thinking nothing of it!

My oldest felt more at ease behind the video camera than on the dance floor!
The boys from youth group took turns videoing the dancing and it was up on a screen above the dance floor.  It made it really fun to watch the dancing from anywhere in the room!

My daughter learned to line dance!
I love the twirly skirt!

It was a lovely night and a blessing to our whole family!  I loved that my kids got to be a part of the decorating and set up the night before.  I think it is so great for them to get the chance to serve others.  This was a great opportunity for that! Just to see the happy faces on the kids that came was amazing! Plus since most of the special needs kids brought their families to the prom it was a chance to meet their families and make sure they all had a really special night.  All the members of the church brought food, so we fed everyone too!  I think everyone that came had a wonderful time.  I know we can’t wait until next year!

Have I mentioned that I just LOVE our new church!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. 4sweetums said,

    What a wonderful opportunity your church offered to the young folks. I know my special needs son would not feel comfortable going to our homeschool prom. He may have been happy to go to yours. Thanks for being a part of such a wonderful event.

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