April 9, 2009 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

Angela wrote:

Hi Jamin,

I’m curious with all this terrific stuff you do, American Girls Club, preschool class and hosting this neat party……….how do you fund it all?  Do you pay for it all out of your own pocket?  Or do you charge each family a participation fee?  Does each family contribute a something to the party/class …

Hi Angela,

For most everything I do I charge a fee.  I don’t make anything off any of it, and usually I go a bit over what I charge, but I try to set a budget and stay close to it.

So for example…

For preschool class I charge $2.00 per week and they get 3 crafts each week. (Paid in advance when they sign up for the class.)  The mom’s also take turns bringing a snack.

For AG Club I charge $3.00 a week per girl.(Paid in advance for each 6 week session.) The mom’s take turns hosting the club in their homes and the host provides the snack each week. (I provide the recipes for them.)

For the Resurrection Party we charged $3.00 per family.  (Paid the morning of the party.) Everyone also brought a potluck item to share.  I spent $20.00 over the budget for this party, but I didn’t bring a potluck item so I felt it was even.

For the Valentine’s Party we didn’t charge anything.  I asked certain people to bring drinks and cookies instead of a potluck item.  I provided the valentine’s bags, the paper good and the candy for the prizes.  I also brought a potluck item.  I went way over what I should have spent with that party, so that is why we charged the $3.00 per family for the Resurrection Party.

I have never had any complaints about what I charge.  I try hard to keep things as cheap as possible while not going broke myself!  LOL  People are always very appreciative and I think they feel that they are getting their money’s worth.  I try to always make sure people know I can work with them if the money is an issue for parties.  I never want to exclude someone because they can’t pay and usually people are willing to help me with the work in order to come if they can’t pay.

I actually get this question a lot.  So I think I will post this on my blog too.

Thanks for asking!

Happy Homeschooling,



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