Easter Day In Review 2009

April 13, 2009 at 8:35 am (Uncategorized)

Our Easter Day was sort weird this year.  My husband was getting over a stomach bug so he stayed home in bed and I took the kids to church.  That was certainly different not being together in church on Easter morning!  When we got home I didn’t want him cooking since he had been sick  So he decorated eggs with the kids while I cooked!  That is totally backwards at our house since I love to do crafty things and he loves to cook. (This was the first time I have ever cooked a whole holiday meal on my own!) Then to top things off it was raining, so we had to have our Easter egg hunt inside!  LOL  It was just one of those years!

My sleepy heads waking up to their baskets.

My big boy checking out the movie he got.

Mt little man showing off one of his treats!
I wish I could keep a shirt on this boy!

My daughter was excited over her new movie!

Here are the kids decorating eggs with dad.

I am glad he hasn’t outgrown having fun!

Dad dying an egg.  :^)

My little man having fun!

My funny bunny girl!

The finished products…

Here are the littles about to bust waiting to be let into the schoolroom for the egg hunt!

Searching together…

This years Easter bunny!
He did such a good job hiding the eggs that we still can’t find one of them!  LOL

She found one!

He found one!

Here is my gang bravely sitting down to an entire Easter meal cooked by mom!  LOL
Oh, except for the bread!  My 14 year old baked the fresh loaf of bread for us.  Dad taught him how to bake bread when he was 9.  He is a very good bread baker all these years and many loafs later!

Last, but not least, the littles and I made a bunny cake!  I have been making this cake for Easter since I was about 8 years old!  :^)

This year I let the littles pretty much do all the decorating themselves.
They were pretty happy with the results and it was yummy!

All in all it was a good Easter.  It was different than we are use to, but at the end of the day my daughter climbed up in my lap and whispered in my ear "Today was a good day!"  What more can I ask for?

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. http://fourlittlepenguins.blogspot.com said,

    I read your blog regularly, and I seldom comment, but I just had to share that I LOL at the picture of your Easter meal, since, apparently, you gave your sons each their own bottle of wine. 🙂 What an Easter treat!

  2. jaminacema said,

    Hey, if you are going to eat food that I make you may need a little wine to get it down! hehehe

    Actually it is Sparkling Apple Cider.

    Thanks for the laugh though.


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