My Grandma's School

April 24, 2009 at 9:27 am (Uncategorized)

I gave the girls at American Girl Club last week an homework assignment.  Each of the girls are suppose to talk to someone older than their parents about what school was like when they were young and report back to the club what they learned.  My daughter talked to her Grandma (my mom) yesterday.  This is what she learned.

My grandma went to a little school in the country that was just one room. First through 8th grade was in one room with one teacher.  There were about 18 kids in the entire school.  There were no hot lunches, everyone had to bring their own lunch.  Just like my mom gives assignments to my brother and me the teacher gave the older kids worksheets to do while she taught the younger kids.,  The younger kids had things like spelling worksheets to work on while she taught the older kids. 

If they needed to use the bathroom they had to go outside and use the outhouse!  If they needed a drink of water they had to go to the well and pump water.  Every kid had their own tin cup that they would use for water. 

The entire school had to play baseball at recess. 

To get to school she would either walk, ride her bike or have her parents bring her.  When she was in 5th grade there were no longer enough students to keep the school open.  So they shut it down and she had to go into the city school.  That was a big change for her!  She was use to 10 to 15 kids in the whole school and now she had 20 to 25 students just in her grade! 

Then when she was in 5th grade she had a schoolbus that came to their house and brought them to school and back home.  At the new school they had a separate book for each subject. 

I think my daughter is still pretty shocked about the outhouse and pumping water!  LOL  She had fun listening to grandma talk about what school was like when she was growing up. 

Happy Homeschooling,



  1. Anonymous said,

    My mom and her siblings were home schooled for a few years because her family lived too far out of town.

    I didn't find this out until 14 years after I began my home schooling adventure! No wonder she's been so supportive!

  2. Grandma said,

    I thought I had her attention when I told her about the outhouse. LOL I didn't tell her this was nothing new to me as we used an outhouse at home too. ROFL And we had to bring in water from the well at home too. I know you could fill her in on going to Grandma's house and enjoying all the pleasures of country living. I hope she learned something besides I must be a really old person.

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