D.C. – 1st Full Day

May 5, 2009 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was our first full day here.  It was kinda s-l-o-w, there wasn’t any screaming I must report!  LOL   It was (hopefully) the only day we will be without a car.  A co-worker of dad’s arrived today, so he can ride with him the rest of the week. 

The most exciting part of my day was that my hubby went in a little late to work so he could take me to Trader Joe’s when they opened at 9:00 am.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trader Joe’s!  It is the best gocery store ever and I MISS IT SO MUCH now that we don’t live anywhere near one.  I went and got bagels, cream cheese, BBQ Soy Crisp Chips. (Oh, they are SO yummy!) I got a Walnut Gorganzola Salad for lunch and Sushi for kids for lunch.  We also got Strawberry Lemonade, Brownie Bites and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.  So basically the kids and I sat around the hotel all day and ATE!  LOL 

We also did laundry and went swimming…(Thankfully our hotel has an indoor pool and a laundry room right next to the pool.)

The kids favorite thing so far is that we saw a frog in the hallway of the hotel.  LOL  Kids are priceless, you can take them anywhere and they are still kids!

We did make it to the Atlantic Ocean in the evening when dad got back from work and we drove across the Cheasapeake Bay.  It was dark though by time we got there so we will have to go again later in the week and get our feet wet….and speaking of wet feet…These shoes are NOT appropriate for Washington D.C. in May in rain.

I NEVER bring the right shoes for me on vacation.  NEVER!  I don’t know why, I can pack clothes, jackets, raincoats, umbrellas and anything the kids need (They all made it here with hooded raincoats and rain boots!) and then I end up with shoes that are just miserable.  I am hoping to find a mall tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be more exciting!  (Let the screaming resume!  LOL) We should  be all rested up after our down day in the hotel and we have lots of FUN plans!

(Feel free to pray for me as I attempt my first day of driving in the D.C. area in the rain!)

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    I hear the screams all the way down here in Texas. Enjoy!


  2. 4sweetums said,

    Have a wonderful trip. I grew up in Old Town Alexandria (right over the river from D.C.). There is so much to see and it is not a bad place to hang out in the rain. Get some good walking shoes! I look forward to seeing D.C. through your eyes!

  3. Anonymous said,

    The very best way to get around D.C. is by metro. It isn't your average subway. It is clean, fast, cheap, and efficient. The people that work there are wonderful!
    Also, a quick hint for easy dining, if you are around the Smithsonian area and wanting lunch, try the food court under the Reagan building area. Get off the metro at the Triangle and ask about the food court. It isn't the restaurants that you see there. There are many choices and the food is food court prices instead of the outrageous Smithsonian food prices.
    Oh my goodness, D.C. What fun! Don't miss the cathedral and you are so close to Williamsburg and Jamestown – Felicity would be so upset if you missed driving to Williamsburg to see her family home:-)
    Have a blessed trip!
    Jan in Va.

  4. Jennifer said,

    I second the Metro suggestion! The thought of you driving in DC in the rain – oooh, scary… I've been praying! I take the Metro into DC with my two boys (5 & 8) frequently, and always feel perfectly safe and at ease. It's hard to get lost, and people are usually very nice about helping you find your way again if you do. I do hope you'll be able to visit Mount Vernon before you head home; you are so close, it would be a shame to miss it. They recently opened a new education center and it is FABULOUS! You could spend the whole day just in there. If you do go, be sure to ask at the information desk for the scouting guide – even if your kids aren't in Scouts. It is chock full of additional information to refer to as you tour the house and grounds! For anyone who has kids in Scouts, you can complete the tour, answer the questions, and earn a special patch – which is available for purchase in the gift shop (of course). Can't wait to see where else you visit! There is so much to see and do in this area – we've lived here 3 years and haven't even begun to scratch the surface! Of course, we would really like to travel out West as well – so maybe one day we'll head your way and you can point us to some interesting sites out there.

    -Jennifer (in NoVA)

  5. Anonymous said,

    DC is such a wonderful place to be!! i spent only 2 days there (almost 10 years ago!!!). You spend a week: how lucky you are. there is so many nice and interesting places to visit. enjoy you time there. oh! by the way! I agree: metro is the best way to hang around the city…

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