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May 7, 2009 at 2:28 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we spent a second day hanging out with our friends in VA.  In the morning we visited Sully Plantation.  This was the plantation built and run by Richard Bland Lee, the uncle of Robert E. Lee.  It was a beautiful place! The kids really enjoyed traveling back in time and seeing what the wealthy people of the area would have lived like.  I took 180 pictures yesterday!  LOL  But here are a few of my favorites from Sully Plantation!

Our gang in front of the Plantation.

Another view of the Plantation.

I am enamored with these cool zig zag fences!
We read that they were built this way because it made them more stable since they were put together without any nails or screws.  They are simply made of stacked wood.

We are posing in front of one of the gorgeous white trees I am so in love with!  (Although I do suspect these are the culprit that is causing allergies in myself and
the kids!)

Cute, huh?
He has been wanting a hat like this for months!  Now of course he wants the rest of the uniform.

Here is the dining room.
We had a wonderful tour guide who engaged the kids the whole way through the house.  We lucked out and were the only people there for the noon tour.  So the kids had a great time asking a ton of questions and got the guides undivided attention.

The family that lived here had a pet white squirrel!
Apparently this was a common pet for the wealthy folks of the time.  They told us Ben Franklin had one too!

A ladies collapsible bonnet.

The kids sitting down and listening to the tour guide.

Anyone want to venture a guess what this is?
You would think that the disgusting similarities to something else would make you NEVER want to put this near your mouth!  LOL  But, this is a plug of tobacco!  Yuck!  ( I thought the pet squirrel had left a little something on the desk!  hehehe)

One of the neatest things about this tour was that each room had a hands on bakset like this.
The kids got to handle things in each room.  They had sugar and sugar nippers in the dinning room.  Flax, flax yarn and a shirt made from flax in one room, office supplies in another.  It was great!  This was a basket of toys just outside the school room of the plantation!  Yay!  They were homeschoolers too! 

Here is my daighter drawing on a slate board in the schoolroom.

Some of the other hands on items in the schoolroom.

After lunch our time with our friends drew to and end.  We said our goodbyes and headed out.  On our way back to D.C. my friend had suggested we stop at The Claude Moore Colonial Farms at Turkey Run.  This is a living museum that represents what life would have been like for the poor tenant farmers who lived and farmed on the property of the wealthy landowners of the time. (Such as the one we visited earlier in the day!)  It was a stark contrast to see the way the poor farmers would have lived!  The people on this farm don’t actually live on the farm today, but they tell you they do!  They  stay completely in character the entire time and welcome visitors in to their homes and on their land as if you are a passing stranger.  If you ask them a question they will answer it as if today really was 1771! It is actually a working farm and they are just going about thier chores as you pass through.  It was really interesting!

Step Back in Time…Follow this path to 1771. You will see a poor tenant family going about their chores.


This is the tobacco fields and the house they use to dry the tobacco.

The kids loved all the birds!

This big plump delicious guy wasn’t for eating!  He would eat a worn that was deadly to the tobacco plant.  So he was kept around for his ability to help out.  (I bet them ate him at some point though!  LOL)

Going to check out the drying house.

Since they are between tobacco crops the women was working on making brush handles.
She told us they would be planting the new tobacco crop in about a week.

Traveling on up the path to were they live.

This is the house (of 7 people!) and their kitchen garden they grow to feed the family.
Did I mention it is pretty here and very, very green? LOL

Heading up the path to the house.

Wool drying outside the house.

Even the trash pile was interesting!

The lady of the house was hard at work getting dinner ready.

I loved the hats hanging by the door.

Showing mom a worm!
He loved being outside all day!  He was showing me all kinds of critters all day!

One last posed shot!

Today is another exciting day!  We are meeting up with some other wonderful friends of ours from Philadelphia over the next 3 days!  YAY!!!!  God has truly blessed us with the most wonderful friends!  I can’t wait to see them and tell you all about it! (Oh, and we will finally be riding the Metro!)

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. 4sweetums said,

    I went to the little Quaker churh right around the corner from Turkey Run farm for my entire childhood. We often went over to the farm after church. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  2. TJ said,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your trip. I grew up back east and miss all the green and wonderful history! And you picked the perfect time to visit–when museums are open, but when tourist season hasn't begun (the kids are still in school in the east :o)

  3. Anonymous said,

    I so want to do this tour you are doing. I'm so glad you are blogging through it too. I can't imagine having all this info stored up in my brain until the end. You can write all the details without forgetting since they are so fresh in your mind. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Anonymous said,

    Those white trees you see everywhere are dogwoods (they come in pink too) and are my favorite tree! Ahhh, I miss Virginia. We just moved from there 6 months ago. Enjoy it!

  5. keeperathome44 said,

    Last year at this time we lived just a few miles from Sully Plantation! Never made it inside though, just drove by often. We did make it to Claude Moore and that is SOO fun.
    You are making me miss the area and all the neat stuff!
    Can't wait to see where you go next.
    The metro sounds like the National Mall in D.C.!!! You'll love it

    Renae now in San Diego

  6. tn3jcarter said,

    You make D.C. look so peaceful – not all crazy with tourists and hectic. It looks like such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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