Happily Exhausted and Overwhelmed

May 10, 2009 at 10:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Whew,  I haven’t updated about what we have been doing on our D.C. trip since I wrote about what we did last Thursday.  But, it is NOT because we have not been making the most of every moment!  WOW, we have been so, so, so busy!  Here is a brief overview of what we have been doing…

Friday: National Archives, Natural History Museum and Ford Theater.

Saturday:  Philly!  Yep, we drove to Philadelphia Friday night, spent the night with our friends and then spent all day Saturday in Philly.  We saw Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, The Betsy Ross House, Ben Franklin’s grave and of course we at a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich!  YUM!

Sunday:  Mount Vernon and the Monuments on the Mall in D.C.  (Washington, Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam, Korea)

Yep, we are exhausted!

Now for the overwhelmed part…

Back when I was in my early 20’s I was a teller in a bank.  I remember the first time they handed me 40 to 50 thousand dollars in my cash drawer being bowled over with how much money it was!  But, over time I got use to handling large amounts of money.  It wasn’t long before I quit thinking of it as money at all!  I could walk into the vault and be surrounded by the stuff and not even think about it!  That is sort of where I am with history tonight!  My brain has stopped processing what I am seeing!  LOL  Today I stood less than a foot from George Washington’s false teeth!  All I could think was "He had those in his mouth and now I am looking at them!"  So weird!  I am stilling loving every minute of it….and hopefully tomorrow when I am less tired I can find some way to put the last 3 amazing days into words…

The kids are tired too,  but holding up pretty well.  My oldest is having the time of his life!  He told me today was the best day of his life!  :^)  My 8 year old is enjoying it all except the walking is wearing her out. (I bought an umbrella stroller last Thursday and the youngest 2 have been taking turns in it.)  My 5 year old has been good overall, but we have had some challenging moments. 

Here is a picture of him getting a time out in the National Archive building!  LOL
He was tired and does NOT like waiting in line.  It has been a bit hard doing so much of the tourist stuff on my own with all the kids. 

Another rough moment…that turned into a moment I will never forget happened in Philly!  When we were touring Independence Hall I was beyond excited!  My husband was with us and he helped a lot with my youngest that day.  It just so happened as we were about to go into the actual room where they discussed and signed the Declaration of Independence I was right by the door so I hurried in to get a front row look. 
Well I picked up my 5 year old and carried him in too.  For whatever reason he was unhappy, he wanted daddy, but daddy was lost in the crowd and I couldn’t find him.  So he fell apart and I had to carry him out.  I went into the foyer and was standing as far away as I could trying to calm him.  A Park Ranger came over and I thought he was going to excort us out!  But, instead he asked if we would like to sit in a waiting room in the back.  We went in there and then he disappeared and came back.  He says to my son "How would you like to hold the key to this building for awhile?" and he hands him the REAL key to Independence Hall! 
Now, I am not one for rewarding bad behaviour…But, I didn’t have the heart to miss this moment!  The Park Ranger handed it to him and then walked away.  My son and I sat there holding the key for about 15 minutes!  It was crazy! 
My other 2 kids couldn’t believe it when I told them what happened!  You can see he was still pretty sad in the picture.  But, that Park Ranger is my hero, because he completely saved the day for my very tired 5 year old!

I know I have a tendency to only share the goods stuff on my blog. So I thought I this was a perfect chance to share that yes, we do have hard moments too!  Overall my 5 year old has had a blast and he is now telling us he wants to move here!  LOL  So I guess a few time outs and tears have not ruined the trip for him!

Tomorrow we are taking a much needed day of rest. 

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    What a cool treat! And I love that he is wearing his Home's Cool shirt.


  2. tn3jcarter said,

    I've always been so thankful for those times when people saw me with a melting-down kid and helped (or at least gave me a sympathetic look), rather than being judgmental.

    So glad that you all are going to be able to rest up some for the rest of your trip. Enjoy! I'm enjoying following along with you. :O)

  3. mhabrych said,

    Praise God for an understanding park ranger! That is awesome! I know, you don't want to reward the bad behavior, but sometimes our expectations for our young ones are too high and meltdown occurs.

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