Sunday 5-10-09 – Mother's Day at Mount Vernon!

May 11, 2009 at 8:42 pm (Uncategorized)

Sunday we spent a perfect day at Mount Vernon.  Wow, it is incredible!  The weather was perfect.  It was the best day we have had here weather wise.  What an great place to spend Mother’s Day!

Here are the kids with the stautes at the entrance to the Museum and Education Center.
This was cool because you got a good idea of the size of George and Martha.  The children are Martha’s grandchildren, Nellie and Washy.

Here are the kids and I in front of the main house across the Bowling Green.

This gentleman was playing the part of William Lee, Washington’s Man Servant. 
We were able to go to a talk he gave and it was very interesting to hear about George Washington from the perspective of someone who would have had such close access to him.  He also talked about life as a slave, which was very interesting.  We all learned a lot.


More music…

The blacksmith shop. 
He was making a ladle.

This was really interesting.  The outside of the house looks and feels like stone.
But, it’s actually pine wood!  It is cut to the shape of stone pieces and then covered with a paint and sand mixture. 

Here is a place they have left chipped so you can see the wood below.
It was really convincing!

The view of the Potomac from one of the covered walk ways.

We couldn’t take pictures inside the house.  It was amazing though!  If you want to see inside you can take the virtual tour HERE. The Blue Large Dining Room is the most incredible room I have ever seen!

Here are the kids playing in a little tree maze behind the house.
This was a huge hit with my kiddos!  They could go in several openings and then there were paths all over the place inside.  They could pop their heads out in a bunch of places too. 

Here are me and my honey with the Potomac behind us.
Wow, I am so glad they preserved this place!

In case you were wondering….

My 5 year old thought this was so funny.  The "Necessary" seated 4 people!

The Wash House

George Washington’s Vehicle
If I remember right this was a reproduction made by the same company who made the original.

Another favorite moment for the littles…

George Washington’s Tomb

Resting their feet and enjoying the beauty!

A final shot of the house.
I shot this as we were leaving.  Most everyone had already left and I was able to get this picture with no one in it.  It is so peaceful and beautiful!  I was very pleased that we got to see it without the throngs of people around it for just a moment. I could imagine Martha and George enjoying the view of the house from just that spot!

It was a fabulous Mother’s Day!  This post just doesn’t do it all justice.  There were no pictures inside the house or the Museums.  So we saw a lot more than this.  I want to spend a lot of time at their website when we get home!

Also, I noticed that the videos they had at the Museum were all from the History Channel.  Sure enough, here is the link to the videos we watched while we were there!  The last one called Washington’s Granddaughter Recall’s Shocking Day was a favorite of the kids. 

My one regret of the day was that we missed the slave quarters.  We zigged when we should have zagged and never found our way back to them.  Then we ran out of time. I will have to explore that area on the website also. 

Happy Homeschooling,



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