Yorktown, VA Thursday 5-14-09

May 19, 2009 at 8:05 am (Uncategorized)

I wrote this the evening after we went to Yorktown, but I didn’t get to post it because the internet at the hotel was down.  So here it is as I wrote it last Thursday…

Today we visited Yorktown, VA.  This was such a neat addition to our trip because the big thing that makes Yorktown famous is that it’s the place that the Revolutionary War ended.  So a few days ago in Philly we saw where the war started (With the Declaration of Independence being signed.) and today we saw where it ended.  Wow!!  Of all the cool things we have seen  on our trip (plantations, farms, museums, etc.) a battlefield was another new experience for us! 

So here are a few pictures of the Yorktown Battlefield:

A cannon up on a ridge overlooking the battlefield

My little man has no idea what has happened here in the past.  He just knows it’s a fun place to explore today!

More cannons

A view of the battlefield from  behind one of the cannons.

The battlefield

This one shows the battlefield as well as the trenches that were dug in front of the cannons.

The trench

I thought these trees were just beautiful with the moss growing on them.

The kids and I in front of one of the cannons.

The actual battlefield was a lot smaller than I would have thought it was.  I tried to imagine the place filled with men and the battles that went on there.  It is just too much for my mind to comprehend!

A short distance from the battlefield is this monument built to comemmorate the end of the Revolutionary War.  The interesting thing about this is there was a sign that said that the Continental Congress directed for this to be built 10 days after the war ended.  But, it was not completed for 100 years!  I guess government hasn’t changed much over the years!  LOL

Here is the sign.After we saw the battlefield we went down to the bay (which was only about 400 yards away!) and had dinner. 

This was the view from where we ate…Nice, huh?

Here is another shot of the beach. Wow, I MISS being near the beach!

After dinner is was dark, but that didn’t stop us from dipping our toes in the water!

Me and the littles wading in.

Dad and our youngest getting their toes wet.

It was another amazing day of vacation!  I can’t wait until tomorrow when we get to go to Colonial Williamsburg!

Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. Anonymous said,


    Someone told me about your blog and I had to come see. We just returned from doing the Williamsburg Triangle. I loved seeing your trip through your pics.


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