American Girl Club – Felicity – Week 4

May 21, 2009 at 8:21 am (Uncategorized)

Tuesday night was our  first American Girl Club after our trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  WOW!  What fun it was to get to tell the girls we had actually just been to the place that Felicity lived!  As far as book 4 I showed up COMPLETELY unprepared.  As a matter of fact my daughter and I didn’t even have time to read the book before we met for club!  (Although she did read it a couple of years ago with her Grandma, so she knew what the story was about.)  So, since I couldn’t teach on the book I turned the tables and had the girls do it! 

First off I asked who had read the book this week and thankfully everyone had.  So I told the girls they got to be the teacher this week.  Then they took turns going to the front in groups of 3 and telling what they remembered from the book.  It worked out really well.  One of the mom’s commented that it was a great public speaking opportunity.  I think the girls really enjoyed the chance to be up front and "teach" the other girls.

After the girls discussed the book I showed them some of the pictures we took on my computer.  This was hard because they all couldn’t see well at one time.  But we got through the pictures of the Govenor’s Palace and the Magazine.  We learned about the Govenor’s Palace in book 3 and the Magazine in book 4, so the timing was perfect to discuss both of these!  :^)

After our discussion and picture time we ate apple pie!  Then we made clothespin dolls…

The truth is that they would have been more likely to have had rag dolls or cornhusk dolls in Felicity’s time.  Here is a picture of my daughter with a rag doll she got to play with at Colonial Williamsburg.
Since we had just made cornhusk dolls for Kaya I didn’t want to do that again.  I thought as far as rag dolls went it would be easier to make clothespin dolls since we were working with 14 girls at once.  The clothespin gave them the basic structure for their doll, which was helpful. 

Here are the girls working on their dolls with a couple of the moms.

Intense concentration…

Completed dolls.  :^)
As always it was a wonderful night of American Girl Club!  Of course it was even more special to my daughter and I since we had just been where the stories take place!

HERE are all the directions you could ever want for any style of clothespin doll!

Happy Homeschooling,


P.S.  When we arrived in D.C. and I got so excited about being there my husband commented that he had no idea that D.C. was my Hawaii.  You see, my husband has talked about going to Hawaii for the entire 29 years I have known him.  We have seriously discussed going several times, but it still hasn’t happened.  So after we left Colonial Williamsburg and were walking to the car I looked over at my daughter and asked her if it was everything she thought it would be.  She replied "Oh, it was wonderful mom, Colonial Williamsburg is my Hawaii!"  LOL  I love that little history geek!

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