Colonial Williamsburg – The Governers Palace Through Felicity's Eyes

May 22, 2009 at 9:56 am (Uncategorized)

"Just listen," said Mrs. Merriman. She cleared her throat and read the invitation.  "Lady Dunmore presents her compliments to Mrs. Merriman and requests the favor of her daughter Felicity’s attendance at a dancing lesson at the Palace on Saturday, January seven at four o’clock."
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 pages 3 and 4

"Father! Look!" she cried as she rushed towards him, waving the invitation.  "Elizabeth, Annabelle and I have been invited to the Palace!" 

Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 pages 7 and 8

"Indeed, yes. I do think Felicity should go to the Governor’s Palace," answered Mr. Merriman.  "And she should dance with the governor’s children and their friends. Because if our children can dance together, then perhaps we adults can settle our differences without fighting."
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 pages 10 and 11

Felicity held her breath as she was shown into the Palace entry hall by a footman.  The entry hall was big and a little scary.  The walls and even the ceilings were covered with fierce looking swords, pistols and muskets glinting in the candlelight.
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 page 56

The ballroom was a dazzling blue.  Felicity’s eyes opened wide in amazement. She had never seen such a huge room on all her life! It was lit with dozens of candles glittering in chandeliers.  Oh, if only Mother could see this, she thought!
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 page 57

And when the dancing was over, the young ladies and gentlemen were invited to take refreshments in the supper room  Felicity had never seen such elegant food! 
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 page 59

When the dance lesson was over, the girls said their thank you’s and their good-night’s.  Felicity wrapped herself in her cloak as she stepped outside the Palace. It was as if all the beauty of the night had spilled out into the night.
Felicity’s Surprise –  Book 3 page 60


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  1. JonSam9 said,

    OK, I have a 10 year old boy and I love your American Girl posts. He doesn't like girl stories, LOL. So what can a "girly" mom do? Sounds like you really had a trip of a life time. Wow. I'd like to spend about 3 months on the east coast when mine is a little older. Wishful thinking. Or not! Thanks for sharing with us who have not been there.
    Mom to one

  2. Anonymous said,

    That was lovely! Do you watch the AG movies? IF not they are wonderful.
    Susan (mamaduso)

  3. Anonymous said,

    I love that you used quotes to describe the pics… very creative! Your posts always bring in something valuable.
    Krista 😉

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