Rebecca Rubin

June 1, 2009 at 8:20 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday my daughter signed on to the American Girl website to play for awhile.  I was in the family room and she came running in to me.  "Mom, mom I just signed on to and out of nowhere there is a new historical girl!"  I grabbed my laptop and sure enough there is a brand new girl… Rebecca Rubin!  YAY!!!  Welcome Rebecca! 

It looks like this new doll is from 1914 (10 years after Samantha.) and comes from a Russian-Jewish family.  How exciting that we will get to learn a little about the Jewish faith through this new American Girl!  The best thing about this is not that there is a new doll.  As soon as we started looking at the doll and book online my daughter looked at me and said "Do you know what this means?  We have one more girl to study for American Girl Club!’  LOL  My head is already swimming with ideas of things to do for club!  hehehe  I think I have hit on the right way to get my daughter excited about American History!

If you want to learn more about Rebecca you can visit her play pages here.  You can read an excerpt from her books here

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    Yes, this is wonderful news. My girls love AG and they are teens. My daughter and I was told about this new doll about two weeks ago. We've already surfed about her. Actually, June 8th we will be going to the AG store in Chicago while on vacation. We have done this for years when we go to my mom's she takes the girls on the train to Chicago to the AG store.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for your girls in your club. Wish mine were still little to do those club things again. Too busy now with working and all. bummer. Have a fun with the girls.

  2. kaenhu said,

    We were at Barnes and Noble the other day and there was a contest for a free Rebecca doll. You just have to fill in a form and they will do a drawing. Not sure when the drawing is, but you can probably check it out with your local B&N.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Same thing happened at my house.


  4. said,

    Was wondering if you are going to make another lapbook for home school share to go with the others?

  5. Erin said,

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog, esp. the American Girl lapbooks. I've gleaned so many ideas from you. Please keep them coming.

  6. Anonymous said,

    Our 3rd grade girls are doing an American girl club. We do a different doll each month. This month is Rebecca and since she is so new we are having trouble coming up with ideas. Have you started planning for Rebecca. Your ideas are so great. We would love any input you might have.

    Immanuel Christian School, Annandale, Va

  7. jaminacema said,

    We won't be doing Rebecca until next year. But, here are a few ideas I have for Rebecca's Crafts:

    Afikoman Bag (Passover)
    Menorah (Chanukah)
    Dreidel (Chanukah)
    Lace Prayer Head Covering (Shabbat)

    There are a lot of craft ideas at this website:

    I plan on exploring the Jewish Holidays with the girls and looking for the ties to Christianity. I am hoping we can have a Passover meal together one night.

    Hope this helps!


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