American Girl Club – Felicity – Week 6 / More Williamsburg Pics

June 3, 2009 at 6:01 am (Uncategorized)

Last night was the 6th and final night of our Felicity Study for American Girl Club.  This was our last meeting before our Summer break. 

For craft we made sachets.  These are super easy, no-sew sachets.  We cut a large circle out of fabric, put a little potpourri in the middle and then gathered the edges up and tie it closed with ribbon.  Sachets would have been used during Felicity’s time to keep in with their clothing to help keep odors at bay.  Since they didn’t have the ability to wash their clothes as often as we do today sachets would have helped to deodorize their clothing while they were folded away at night.

Here is my daughter working on hers.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished ones.  You can see one laying in front of my daughter on the table.
Since this was such a simple craft it left a lot of time for us to talk this week.  One of the things we talked about this week was slavery.    I had really not been looking forward to having this talk with the girls.  But, I also felt that it would be wrong to close our Felicity study without discussing it.  I started out by telling them about the George Santayana quote that says "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  Then I read to them the 2 pages in the book In Felicity’s World about slavery.  One page was about how and why slavery began and the other is about the slaves lives.  The girls seemed to have quite a bit of their own thoughts to add too, so we had a good discussion.  I told them we would be talking more about this when we study Addy.

Next we did our weekly questions about the book we read and then I had printed out a bunch of pictures to share with them from our Colonial Williamsburg visit.  It just happened that there were A LOT of things discussed in this book that I had pictures of.  Here are the pictures I showed them:

The shoemaker:
I showed them this picture because this was the only shop we saw a picture of the king of England in.  I totally took the bait and asked him if he was a loyalist.  He was probably the person we encountered at Colonial Williamsburg that stayed the most in character.  He proceeded to get very aggravated with me!  He asked me if I thought it was patriotic to go against the government of your own country?  He started in on how the king was at least an honorable man and the leaders of the rebellion were not!  I got a good taste of what it would have been like to but heads with a loyalist of the time!  LOL

In this weeks story we read about Felicity going to church.  So I showed them pictures of the church she would have attended.  This was really cool because it is an original building.  As a matter of fact, it is still an active church and has continuously been a church since it was built in the 1700’s.

A shot of the outside of the church.

As you can see in this picture there is a graveyard at the entrance of the church.  The grave literally come up to the door of the church.  If you look at the picture of my kids on the bench below you will see that the bench is actually built around a tombstone!
The kids jumped up as soon as I told them! LOL

Here is a shot of the church down the aisle from the back.

This is the balcony which is where the slaves sat.

This is my daughter sitting in George Washington’s pew box!
All of the pews were marked as to who sat there.  The kids enjoyed seeing all the famous names.  We were told that the pews were in private boxes because there was no heat and people would bring little heater boxes to warm themselves.

In this weeks story we read that Jiggy Nye had spent time in both the pillory and stockades.  My kids could relate!



Next I showed them pictures of the millnery store…

These are capes exactly like the ones Felicity wore.
I wish I could have bought her one!

Of course I had to try on a hat!

So many hats….

Then there was the dress shop… I LOVED this shop and we happened to spend about 45 minutes in this one because we were waiting out a humongous rain storm.  So I took A LOT of pictures and asked A LOT of questions.

This was the store owner showing us hats.  I loved the big hoop hanging from the ceiling.

These were the pockets they also wore under their dresses.

These are the dolls that were sent from overseas to show off the latest fashions.

Pretty dresses!


This is called a Pudding Cap.  It was a padded hat for a baby to keep it’s head safe when it was learning to walk.  :^)

Here is a house that probably looked much like the one Felicity lived in.

And here are pictures of the General Store which would be much like the one Felicity’s father owned and ran.

The office in the back.

More of the office.

So many pretty things for sale…

Sewing corner.
So that is all the pictures I showed them.  I still have a zillion more I could post, but I think this post pretty much finishes up the majority of the Williamsburg pictures I wanted to share.  It was a fabulous place to visit!

I am going to miss Felicity!  I loved every minute of learning about her and her time period and I will NEVER get over that we got to go to Williamsburg right in the middle of our Felicity study!  That was an amazing gift from God!  I will also miss MY American Girls over the Summer.  (Although I am sure we will all be getting together all Summer for fun.)  But, I am ready for my break and plan to get organized over the Summer to have things ready for next school year when we will start our club back up with Josephina!

Happy Homeschooling,


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