Colonial Williamsburg – Departure and Back to the Future

June 4, 2009 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I posted the last of the Colonial Williamsburg pictures, almost.  LOL  I just wanted to finish up with the walk back to the car.  Remember the cool signs that took us back in time when we arrived?  Well they have more of those as you leave that take you back to the future.

Here we are heading back to the bridge out of Colonial Williamsburg.

In this one I was teasing my son about his pink umbrella.  So he was pretending to walk a tight rope with it right on the edge of the mud!  I was having a fit because I did not need a pair of muddy shoes in the car for our 20 plus hour drive home.  BOYS!  They may get taller than their moms, but they truly never grow up!  LOL

Here are the signs taking us back to our time…

You are leaving the American Colonies…Becoming Americans

1786 Thomas Jefferson – Made religion a matter of personal choice.

1805 Sacagewea – Led Lewis and Clark to the American West

1837 Horace Mann – Inspired a universal thrist for public education.  :^(

1863 Abraham Lincoln – Proclaimed freedom for 3 million enslaved Americans

1879 Thomas Edison – Turned night into day

1908 Henry Ford – Gave Americans the car keys to everywhere.

1928 Louis Armstrong – Set America’s free spirit to music

1955 Rosa Parks – Moved civil rights to the front of the bus

1961 John F. Kennedy – "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

NOW – Your Name Here – What difference will you make?

You have returned to the 21st Century…Democracy a work in progress.
This was a very neat timeline that our whole family enjoyed.  (Even in the rain!  LOL) 

Okay, I think I may really be done posting about Colonial Williamsburg now.


Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for sharing all about your trip! I'm sure it was even more amazing than words or photos could even express.


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